June 27 – July 9, 2011

Well, that was a miserable fortnight.  I’m sure the next one will be ever so much better.


20 thoughts on “June 27 – July 9, 2011

  1. Hey, your teddy bear is being used in an advertisement for cafe press. The internet is a crazy place sometimes. Terrifying a lot of the time, but some of it is just ordinary craziness.

    More accurately, it’s being used in an advertisement [i]for me[/i]. It’s the teddy bear with Barbara sensing great hypocrisy. Probably because I clicked on it, wondering what you were apologizing for. I mean, it’s just a stuffed bear. It’s not like it’ll actually come to life an maul us.


  2. Also, apparently I’ve forgotten how to do italics. Oh, well. I’ll add that to the list of things I’ve forgotten recently. I know I left that list around here somewhere…

  3. Erwaro: Er…where are you seeing this? Is it all happening inside your fevered imagination? What if you’ve been dead all along?

    (Sorry. Also, I remember how to do italics.)

  4. Oh, right, should have mentioned this. Yeah, that was on another site entirely, a wiki for the Kingdom of Loathing. (I also recommend that game to you, or would if I thought you had time to kill. I don’t, so I don’t, but I would if I did.)

    Although I can’t completely rule out fevered imagination. I mean, I have been feeling strange lately. Granted, that’s just because it’s warmer than I like (it’s up to 75 degrees f. MADNESS!) but still. Strange euphoria, strange fears, I’m getting more paranoid…

    Or maybe the whole internet is your dream? I would put “your” in italics if I remembered how to. I like being able to emphasize things. It’s one of the many reasons I don’t understand people who type in all caps. What do you do if you want to add emphasis?

  5. See, all I have ever been able to write (not that I’ve tried that much) is short stuff. Maybe it’s because I’m a math person. I like things to be concise.

    Or maybe my inability to create characters or dialogue means that if I write anything, it has to be short.

  6. (Jun 29) Tsk, Baldwin. You don’t need to say anything. If you want to make an offer of chocolate goods, just go to SOMA and.. wait, is that Beyond the Known Universe? it’s even by the waterfront! way too far…

  7. We can have a party on the comments page at #1000. We can bring virtual cake and booze, plus a virtual marching band.

    In other milestone-related news, the comic’s fifth anniversary is coming up.

  8. Congratulations on #900! 😀
    /me hands you a box of the finest chocolate that you like.

  9. Woohoo! 7 extra comics!

    I like the idea of a virtual marching band. Can I play the virtual trumpet? I’m sure it’d sound slightly better than my real trumpet.

  10. Having finally watched last year’s Doctor Who, I can now reread the comics and semi-understand them. But I do not remember any Merlin imagery.

  11. Earthgirl: Merlin ends his life shut up forever in an impenetrable magical prison. He falls in love with a young girl who steals his magic and turns it against him. In most versions of the story, he knows this is going to happen but likes the girl so much that he gives her what she wants. The prison is sometimes a cave and sometimes a castle in the air. In the second-last DW episode last year, the Doctor ends up shut up (supposedly forever) in an impenetrable prison. Not long before this happens, River mentions that the Doctor is always turning out to be the “good wizard” in fairy tales (I may be misquoting, but it’s something like that). The line actually foreshadows what is about to happen, as the “good wizard” Merlin is the one shut up in what is effectively a magic box.

    The Seventh Doctor turns out to be Merlin at one point. I haven’t seen the relevant episode, but I’ve heard about it.

  12. Well, I don’t count because of the extended conceit I have been employing that portrays me as devastated every time I raise another $200 and must produce seven extra comics. In actual fact, I am rather excited about the extras, which will allow me to expand on an upcoming storyline that could really use some more detail.

  13. Ah! Thanks for the explanation. I’m vaguely aware of a lot of Arthurian lore, but not enough to have caught that.

  14. Kari, aren’t you supposed to win by getting that novel ready to be published?

    Oh, and if the novel doesn’t sell, you can always consider publishing some of WoB 😉 It seems as if people are willing to pay for it!

  15. Stefan: well, yes. Some of the participants are quite gung-ho for the iPad, however. It’s a bit of a strange process: you promise to get a certain amount of work done in a certain time, and people pay to encourage you to do so, but there are no actual repercussions if you, well, fail. Basically, it’s all an excuse to generate excitement over fundraising. I am taking it seriously, however. I’ve edited the hell out of the novel; I’m hoping it’s just one more hard-copy read-through away from being ready to send out, but I don’t want to do another read-through quite yet because I’ve read it through twice in the past month and really just want to punch it very hard in the face. I need a short break. In the meantime, I’m trying to write the damn synopsis. I’ve always hated synopses, but they’re necessary if you are silly enough to want to send out unsolicited manuscripts.

    Yes, I would like to get my act together and finish a bloody WoB book. Perhaps if I’m done with the novel ahead of time, I’ll make working on the WoB book a write-a-thon project as well.

    Re. the donations in general: some are from readers of the comic, while some are from other participants in the write-a-thon and former Clarion students.

  16. Yes. Yest it does count at one. The problem with reality isn’t that you are aware that it is reality, the problem with reality is a stunning lack of hallucinatory flying frogs, galloping goldfish, and house-hunting horses. It doesn’t matter how aware of the lack of reality, what matters is that it is something other than reality.

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