July 11 – 23, 2011

My stupid computer has decided it is going to take half an hour to boot up and then not let me access any programs. I want to punch the world in the teeth.


43 thoughts on “July 11 – 23, 2011

  1. You are doing the nasty, pointy joke again? Ain’t you afraid somebody might misconstrue it as you being aggressive once more?

  2. Seem like that’s the second time that you are surprise at my un-death. On the subject of harassment, I have now had the pleasure of reading your comic in unbroken sequence twice now, once when I first heard of it and most recently when I caught up for the last couple of months. It seem to have gone quite paranoia has it not?

  3. The protagonist is a young woman who has PTSD because of the horrific death of her parents. Now her best friend has vanished into thin air, and she has also discovered there is a chance that he only made friends with her in the first place as part as some overly complex Xanatos gambit designed to end with her saving his ass. I should say there’s cause for a bit of paranoia. Fortunately, all plot lines do eventually come to an end. I’m sure that eventually, everything will be sunshine and puppies once again.

  4. I fear YOUR version of Sunshine and Puppies. Not quite as bad as “cancer and rabies” (this, thankfully, is not done by Batiuk) but not necessarily _quiet_. Though Marie would love some simple quiet. For five minutes. Then she’d start getting paranoid about it being too quiet. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. “It’s nice and peaceful in here. Why is it peaceful? What does that even MEAN? GET OUT OF MY HEAD, PEACEFULNESS! *Sob* I’m so alone…”

  6. Congratulations for hitting the $400 mark, although I am sad to see the decimal point go. Still it should be interesting to see how many bricks you can fit into those fourteen extra comics. Have you notice that one of your donation is an anagram of Marie’s room number (minus a digit)? An indubitable coincidence I am sure, but please let the paranoia continue.

  7. You are on Google Plus! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜€ You won’t freak out if we (I) add you to a circle would you?

  8. Kitty: I thought I would try it out. I may flee it eventually. Go ahead and add me to a circle. Perhaps I’ll create a WoB circle of my own.

  9. No, that’s about it. I can claim I have legitimate reasons for joining Google+ and not Facebook, but in reality, I’m probably just a hypocrite.

  10. Mmm… Sunshinerain sightings in the comments, and then immediately Casey sightings in the comic?! What are the chances of that?

  11. I would say pretty good, considering I am just a figment of Kari’s imagination bought on by her angst and need for emotional self mutilation. As such I proclaim today’s Harry Potter strip to be acceptable, although her need to expose others to the HP musical is totally inappropriate and highly unacceptable.

  12. It looks to me like (and deducing from the comments) a young Marie (perhaps 2003?), I can’t quite tell if that’s a shoe or a knee pad on the bottom of her leg. Not that I am saying that Kari’s drawing are so bad that we can’t tell one character from another, don’t want her to go over the edge now, already talking to the comic as it is.

  13. SunshineRain’s deduction is correct, and the thing on Marie’s leg is a knee brace. She has, in the past, told Casey the story of the day she dislocated her knee. Evil Marie’s comment about the “other us” is there partially because my characters do, as SunshineRain helpfully points out, tend to look similar to one another.

    Roeslein: as all this is happening inside Marie’s head, it doesn’t really matter what the CURRENT state of Ursula’s hair is, or it wouldn’t if that were Ursula.

  14. Oh, I used to dislodge my knee too as a teenager! I even remember that the PE teacher thought I was just faking it to skip the bleep test. Anyway, thanks for the clarification – clearly I hadn’t read Evil Marie’s comment carefully enough.

  15. I once did something horribly painful to my neck while attempting a backward roll in PE. People saw it happen. Did the PE teacher believe that I was in terrible pain and had probably come close to crippling myself? No, he did not. He made me do my gymnastics routine anyway. Seeing as I couldn’t actually move my head at all, I ended up flopping around ineffectually for a few minutes, to the amusement of my bastard classmates. High school is beautifully designed as an exquisite form of mental, physical, and social torment.

  16. In Roeslein’s defence the โ€œother usโ€ comment could had be taken as a reference to them all being hallucination, although a bit redundant considering everything would be an hallucination anyway.

    Oh wow your donation has really taken off, I didn’t realise that there were so many people out there that dislike you so much that they would spend money to make you do more work, maybe I should ease up on the harassment.

  17. Yes, twenty-six people want to force me to do extra work in a term in which I’ll be teaching five courses. Sadly, I am quite excited and pleased to be obliged to create the extra comics. I do very much want more room for a particular looming plot line. (The current one could probably have done with a bit of extra room as well, but there simply isn’t enough time in the world.)

  18. Yeah… I am not really getting any of the references in the latest comic, is it related to some sort of musical? The basket does remind me of little Red though. Also it’s currently 16C here.

  19. There’s really only one reference in the latest comic (if you don’t count the alt-text, which is really the same reference): to Sondheim’s musical Into the Woods. The “basket” bit is from the musical’s first song, also called “Into the Woods,” and the line in question is, in fact, sung by Little Red Riding Hood.

  20. Afraid I have never heard of it (not that I am a big fan of musical), I was also slightly confuse as to why Evil Marie was wearing a strange looking hat in that last panel.

  21. Happy fifth anniversary – 1 day, and is that the same font being use as the original back in the good old days when the comic was better drawn?

  22. By the way, I’m not sure if it qualifies as a “font,” as it is hand drawn and, quite possibly, the only text anywhere having that precise appearance.

  23. No, it’s not a font, and yes, it’s the same (or close), and gosh, thank you for once again implying that my drawing has grown worse over time.

    I like drawing trees, and I want to go home to where there are some. What a terrible week this has been.

  24. Happy fifth birthday WoB, and here I thought you had move on from fantasying about inanimate bricks to inanimate trees.

  25. Happy New Year! Sure, but I’m suspecting it would be deleted in about five seconds for lacking notability. Webcomics basically have to be the second coming of Penny Arcade to merit a Wikipedia article. Even my Pure Pwnage friends (Pure Pwnage being an insanely popular webshow) found themselves in a pitched battle with Wikipedia over their “notability.” This was, I believe, after they had gained hundreds of thousands of viewers (they eventually hit a million or so). A webcomic with a few hundred readers is probably not going to make the cut. You’d have more luck with a TV Tropes page. TV Tropes doesn’t care about notability.

    I would like to thank the person who just donated $66.66 to Clarion and left me a cheeky comment about purchasing my soul. This person has already donated a rather huge amount, and I’m 99% sure I know who it is, but I don’t want to say anything in public in case the person would like to remain anonymous. In any case, you know who you are, and you are awesome in a particularly evil sort of way. Evilly awesome? Awesomely evil? Awevil?

  26. Oooh let’s play guess the weevil (from the geekyness here I would assume this is Dr. WHO/Torchwood weevil and not insect weevil), from what you have posted so far of this “weevil” I can surmise that they are most likely some empty soul trying to use money to buy their happiness. Also I suspect ulterior motives, I know I would if I were in the shoes of this “weevil” character, although a much more handsome version.
    All these extra challenges and opportunities is almost tempting me to donate, but then that wouldn’t be appropriate. It would be like those medieval torturer who deliberately found ways to keep their victims alive for as long as possible, and that’s just ain’t right.

  27. Here, I got you [a href=”http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Webcomics/WestOfBathurst”]this nice TV Tropes page[/a] for WOB’s birthday; I figured it was the best I could do since I’m too broke to give money to the nice Sci-Fi people.

    I encourage you all to get editor status on there and help me fill it out, because it just consists of what I was able to think of in the last hour and a half or so. It’s not a difficult process. Or, you can let me know what I should add/delete/change on this here blog, and I’ll take care of it.

  28. bah, editing on TV Tropes has made me forget standard html. Well, you can figure it out.

  29. Wow. Earthgirl, you are amazing. I didn’t think anyone would actually do that. Thanks for the time commitment and the creativity that went into the page.

    Re. giving money to the nice sci-fi people: no one should feel pressured by me to do that. I have to keep pushing it because it’s part of my job as a participant in the write-a-thon, but I have been broke myself, and I know what it feels like to have to decide between spending three bucks on the subway and walking for an hour and a half in the snow. Silly grad-student-ness.

  30. Actually…Earthgirl, you may have a thank-you card too if you like. Why not? Thank-you cards are fun. People who want to be thanked for something can send me their addresses and get sent thank-you cards in the mail.

  31. Sounds good! And you’re welcome; it was that or knitting last night, and it was a good time either way.

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