July 25 – August 6, 2011

It’s hot. I’m tired. Thanks for all the birthday wishes. I think I need to go to bed now.


48 thoughts on “July 25 – August 6, 2011

  1. Happy Birthday! It’s your Plus One. (How about that for an old/semi-obscure Who reference?)

    …wait, there’s alt-text? It’s never shown up in IE… will I have to go home and re-read all five years now? (I can’t do that tomorrow, there’s a pack of Yes songs on Rock Band. My day is Spoken For.)

  2. Niall: yes, I started doing the alt-text wrong early on, and I just kept on like that, as it seemed futile to change it after several hundred strips. I am a bad person.

    Hurrah for old/semi-obscure Who references.

  3. Regarding your rant: it seems that some calculation got wrong, and the degrees that should be added to the European average at this time of year instead got added in North America. We’re absolutely, positively in autumn. I’ve even seen mushrooms, and pretty huge ones at that!

  4. Ok, I’m finally up to 2008 and I wan…need to know what is going to happen with Marie and Casey.

  5. The donationmeter looks beautiful! I hope people don’t use that as incentive to stop giving…

  6. Mimi: people who have been reading since 2006 tend to feel the same way. Many of them would quite like to kill me.

    Stefan: I should think there are some people who would like the donationmeter to remain like that forever and others who would be willing to donate just to stop it looking like that. We’ll see who wins.

    I’m about to put the comic up. Sorry for the delay. I was falling asleep over the comic last night.

  7. Good timing, I was just checking the comic when I notice your comment about putting the new comic up and just as I press refresh, there it was. I been meaning to ask, what’s with the “1” under the donationmeter? I thought it was a typo, but it’s been there for a while now.

  8. Regarding the “1”: honestly, I was as bewildered by it as you were until just a few minutes ago. I noticed it a few days ago but couldn’t find it anywhere in KompoZer. I have now located it just above the GIF that constitutes the donationmeter, and I have destroyed it.

  9. I miss it, the comic seem emptier now. Oh mysterious “1”, what great thing might you have achieve if we had never noticed you?

  10. I think you *are* in cahoots with the devil and that Casey’s character is therefore based on a real-life person you are well acquianted with.

  11. This new colour comic is non-canonical… right? Anybody else keep hearing evil laughter every time the page header light up?

  12. I apologise to anyone who has subscribed to this thread and therefore received the e-mailed version of my last comment. I was so very tired when I wrote it that I couldn’t think straight and later had to log on as an administrator and make it slightly less garbled. What I meant to say was: think of the colour comic as taking place last summer. I don’t think it is completely beyond human imagination that Casey might be walking around with a tentacled something in his pocket. He has been known to nurture small creatures (mice, for instance); perhaps he has rescued a small squid from a sushi restaurant and is on a quest to find a tank full of salt water. There are many perfectly logical explanations. Also, tentacles are cool.

  13. Hmm, I am pretty sure I read your last comment when it was first posted (it look exactly the same), what’s so garbled about it? Logical explanation #1 – Too much time spent sitting on a microwave.

  14. SunshineRain: I changed it within a few minutes of posting it. This is what it originally said:

    Let’s say…let’s think of that happening at last year at this guide.

    In other words…huh? I was only “awake” in the most basic sense of the word. I don’t drink, so there’s no explanation there. My brain was not working like other brains.

  15. I know this is random but I just visited the WW2 Memorial in Washington DC USA. I and I curse those who believe that the holocuast is not real. Men have died over that subject.
    And I feel for marie hope she gets better

  16. blackwolf – Unfortunately what is worst is that there still those who are committing the same crime now using the memories of those who had died.

    Anyway, to get back onto a lighter subject, I love to nitpick, especially if it irritate a certain devil worshipping webcomic author. What exactly is Evil Marie’s right arm/hand doing in that last panel?

  17. Yes, Holocaust denial is a very scary thing.

    Evil Marie is leaning her elbow on Baby Marie’s shoulder and resting her fist on her chin. There’s too much hair in the way to tell.

  18. Why don’t they just look for the yellow brick road and follow it to the Wizard of Oz? He could give Marie her sanity back (by writing a diploma for her) and give Casey his lacking foot …

  19. I was just thinking, why don’t you post that Clarion link on the phorum? They are not a rich lot but I am sure they would be willing to help in whatever little way they can (even if it’s just letting their richer friends who had gone to the real world know) for a geeky cause.

  20. SunshineRain: okay, if you think it’s appropriate. I already feel as if I have nagged everyone I know online and in real life pretty thoroughly. It will be nice when I can go back to being only a slight nuisance instead of a constant, omni-present one. At least you guys are getting some extra comics out of it (and a pocketful of tiny tentacles from Casey).

  21. I must say I am quite surprise at the generosity and sadistic nature of the donor here, I did not imagine that you would be so close to getting to $800 when you first started this. But wow, there it is.

    Regarding today’s comic, have Dr.(?) baldy in the last panel (again, I seem to be having a lot of problem with the last panel lately) been introduce before?

    Also, advance apologise if I am writing anything that isn’t making any sense, I spent the whole day filling in forms and my many brains are a bit out of it at the moment.

  22. Yes and imagine what would happen if it actually reach $1000, I would think that would be the death of you.

  23. Woohoo! Neil Gaiman is cool and I love steampunk! (Also, hoping you can go for the Grand Prize…)

  24. Roeslein: Nah, I have no chance at the iPad. We got our last e-mail update on Monday, at which point the guy in the lead had already raised over $1,400. I’ll probably end up in third place, which is where I am now. I aspire only to hit $1,000 and be forced to figure out a good Steampunk Neil design.

  25. Apparently the phorum is down again. It is probably an indicator of its stability that no one has bothered to mention it here before now.

    Also, holy shit. That amount of money went up really fast.

  26. The Phorum’s been down for ages. Did it go up again recently? I’ve stopped checking. Everyone’s been hanging out here instead.

    Yes, the donations have gone from $666.66 to $951.66 in about four days. I’m kind of hoping we do hit $1,000 by Saturday, since that would just be awesome.

  27. Did somebody mascara Marie’s face while she was out? Oooh is this going to be like House?

  28. Yes, “Congratulation”, Muahahahahaha, I am also glad that the Clarion folks has also almost make it to their target.

  29. SunshineRain: yes…it’s going to be close, but it looks as if they may make it. Amusingly, we have contributed over 1/15th of the projected $15,000. Considering that there are 147 writers participating, that’s pretty good.

  30. And it’s done, with $400 to spare as well. Is it just me or does Kari’s username has something extra on the end in that last post?

  31. Well, they hit $15,400 earlier today, so I’m suspecting they may be a bit higher by now. I’m not sure what my final numbers are; I know at least one person donated today, but I haven’t heard anything yet.

    I’m using my Twitter account (@angrykem) to post, but I’ve been doing so for a while now, so I’m not sure why the username has changed.

  32. I only donated to force you to draw extra comics. I’m an evil, evil, WOB fan. 🙂

  33. Hi, Thursday. Welcome to the comments section, and thanks for the contest posting. As it will take minimal effort for me to enter (since I already have a manuscript in hand), I probably will. Hurrah!

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