August 22 – September 3, 2011

Goodbye, terrible marking. Hello, need to read all the Canadian short stories ever written while creating a course on fairy tales, drawing a picture of a steampunk Neil Gaiman, and writing an agent query letter. Oh…and I should really clean my apartment as well.

39 thoughts on “August 22 – September 3, 2011

  1. Dude, it will be as stable as ever. I simply cannot guarantee that in a house containing eight people, two of whom are very small children, I shall be able to post the comic like clockwork. It’s also worth considering that BC is three hours behind Ontario. I usually try to post the comic between 9:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m. in Toronto, but that’s between 6:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. in BC. Don’t worry; the moss-covered rock will not become a rolling stone. It will just be shifting time zones for a bit.

  2. Naw, I don’t know why they ever went for that in the first place. Have you seen the quality of their work? Child labor can only exist when you don’t care about the quality of the product.

    Or basic human rights. Those, too. It was a nasty time all around. I usually wonder what on earth people are thinking when they idolize that time period. Yes, some great things were done, but remember- as a whole, it was hellish compared with life today. I mean, come on, I can hold conversations with people and not have any clue what continent they’re on- what does the past have that compares to that?

    We’ve also gotten a lot better at treating kidney stones. I am personally very grateful for that as well. I do apologize for the rant, but pretending that human nature was different 30 years ago kinda pisses me off, and somehow I got latched onto that.

  3. Come on it’s not that bad, I mean sure the comic isn’t the prettiest thing you will see non the most funniest but it got heart and that’s where it count the most. Especially when you limit your selection to something that is free and ads free, in English, that is child safe and allow for the occasional mocking of the author. Sure, the storyline hasn’t measure up to expectation these past few strips and the walls ain’t fill with bricks like they use to but….ermm, did I mention the occasional mocking of the author?

  4. Well, here I was waiting to see if there would be any word of Casey and maple donuts and meetings at Timmy’s and I thought that Aug 26 – well – you know, I was waiting. I was excited. So now I need to continue to wait. But that’s OK. Kari, I’m sure you’ve got something in mind. I want to know when Marie will finally sort herself out and get out of that facility. Though her processing is intriguing.

  5. Mimi: Well, in the world of the comic, August 26th hasn’t happened yet. Because the comic is published only every other day, it can’t always correspond exactly with reality. A character will mention “Thursday” in the next strip; that Thursday will actually be August 25th.

    SunshineRain: Would you feel lost and alone if you didn’t have the opportunity to mock me and insult my comic? Would you spend all your time staring wistfully out the window at the rain?

  6. Yes I would longingly stare at those rain droplet and wishing, like them, that I would find my place amongst the emerald green and sapphire sea. Plus I would probably get a whole lot of w*rk done as well.

  7. Ooh – something wicked this way comes … Does Marie really want to sacrifice poor Basil to temporarily save that manipulating guy Casey?

  8. OK – now I really want to go to the Tim Hortons at Bloor and Bedford “tomorrow” if I only knew when “tomorrow” is in comic-land. And I think it’s crappy that it isn’t Marie going. Maybe she can sneak out…

  9. I’m back in Toronto. SunshineRain, please note that your moss-covered rock remained in place while I was away. So there.

    I do promise that the current storyline is going somewhere. Patience will have its reward.

  10. Has it Kari? Has it? All these new characters, stranger danger, and did you look at the wizardry that was done in the last panel?

  11. Invisible box panel? I was referring to the “a wizard did it” comment you made last time, which is what is happening in the last panel. Unless Basil is standing on a box or the floor of the hospital is just irregularly shaped.

  12. He is attempting to creep Marie out by ever so slowly rising up onto his toes.

    The “invisible box” panel doesn’t exist any more. I once drew Marie holding a box, then forgot to ink the box. Someone later pointed this out to me, and I sheepishly went back and filled the box in.

  13. I knew it, it’s happening, the walls are crumbling. My world, stableness, tardiness, nooooooooooooooo… so are we meant to remember all these characters? Also it might just be the “just woke up, brains not working” but is Barbara’s “UNCLEAN” referring to anything or just some random word that took your fancy?

  14. As you know perfectly well, the Saturday comics are often late nowadays, especially when they involve bricks. Do please note that this latest one WAS published on a Saturday and not, as has happened on occasion, on a Sunday.

    I suppose I mainly took Barbara’s “Unclean!” from Dracula, in which the utterance is associated with Mina after she drinks Dracula’s blood. I also seem to remember a Peanuts strip in which Snoopy takes exception to the fact that Lucy insists that Linus wash his hands after “petting the dog”; Snoopy eventually lurches sarcastically towards Lucy while thinking, “Unclean! Unclean!” very loudly. Snoopy and Mina are probably both referencing Leviticus 13:45: “And the leper in whom the plague is, his clothes shall be rent, and his head bare, and he shall put a covering upon his upper lip, and shall cry, Unclean, unclean.” So I suppose Barbara is ultimately quoting the Bible and thus comparing alumni status to leprosy. In the title panel, of course, she is Hester Prynne, making the comic a sort of gigantic mixed metaphor.

    Re. “remembering all these characters”: again, AS YOU KNOW PERFECTLY WELL, there are often random Junior Fellows in the Orientation Week comics. You will survive.

  15. Alright, back to the classic we go and so many bricks as well. It’s great to see how WoB and Marie has change since the first comic.

  16. Ana: Marie still has an apartment. She’s just walking back into the College. She doesn’t have any luggage with her or anything, and she’s picking up mail, not a key, from the porter. However, the walking-through-the-gates comics have always been a touchstone of WoB, and this seems like a good opportunity for Marie to get a second go, seeing as 1) she is now an alumna and 2) she has just been discharged from a psychiatric institution. Her apartment will be featuring in a big way in a couple of weeks, so fear not: she’s not regressing.

    SunshineRain: your comment has prompted me to create a through-the-gates mini-collection. See the main comic page for the relevant link.

  17. My deepest apology Kari, I have never intended for any of my comments to be useful, I will definitely try my utmost hardest in the future to make sure it never occur again. Please forgive me…

  18. Also who changed Xanatos Gambit to Batman Gambit? I definitely think the former is a more accurate description:

    “The key difference between the Xanatos Gambit and the Batman Gambit is that while the former is structured so that any outcome will work to the advantage of the gambit instigator (and is thus “foolproof”) the Batman Gambit does have a failure condition. Indeed, this failure condition will often be quite obvious and foreseeable to the audience, who have the benefit of perspective and objectivity. The victims of the gambit, however, do not enjoy those luxuries.”


  19. Re. Batman vs. Xanatos: I noticed that change. On the “History” page, the Troper who has made the alteration posts a comment that makes it clear that he or she doesn’t read the comic. However, I’m not sure the change is unwarranted. It’s true that if Marie decided not to fall into Casey’s trap, Casey would–as far as we know at this point–be screwed. However, WoB also kind of averts the Batman Gambit in that Marie is aware it’s probably a Batman Gambit. She doesn’t make the decision unwittingly; she knows exactly what she’s doing. Casey can, however, certainly be seen as a Magnificent Bastard here, as it is entirely possible he has foreseen that Marie will find him out and make the choice that benefits him anyway.

  20. Who is Marie’s mysterious correspondent? We never heard of her having any friends or relatives outside Davis.

  21. 1) yeah, we only have milk in cartons (made of waxy paperboard) or jugs.

    2) you had milk *delivered*? My grandfather talks about milk beIng delivered…

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