September 19-25, 2011

Here we go, everyone: week 1 of daily comics. And yes, that is Mr. Mulligan. Enjoy.


47 thoughts on “September 19-25, 2011

  1. Yay for daily comcis! We might finally learn something about Casey!

    However, I expected Casey to come back well groomed – not like this. Did he faint, or just stumble over something invisible?

  2. Yay! 🙂

    We should throw Casey a welcome home party, with vague references to mythology, strange deals and Canadian donut chains. Maybe chained Casey and real Casey could do a duet together.

  3. Dances with Fish: I had a strange moment the other day when I realised I had turned Tim Hortons into an otherworldly space. I’m genuinely unsure that has ever been done before.

    If we did throw Casey a party, there would have to be maple doughnuts on the menu.

  4. Is… is Casey wearing eye liner? Did he just come back from doing a rendition of Cher’s “If I Could Turn Back Time”?

  5. Are you sure? Cause he look just like this:

    Right down to the clothes and hair, well except Marie is wearing the fishnets instead, heh.

  6. Rahim should remember to pause and use a stud finder before punching the wall, would not be fun to punch a wall stud.

  7. well with all the stress marie is been put through, and psych wards, the councling, the agaonizing headaches and head games she’s been put though, some one is going to hit Casey. either it be Rahim or Marie it’s going to happen some time

  8. He’ll probably just be pushed into the pool again 😉 I think both Marie and Rahim are too civilized for physical violence.

  9. I wouldn’t worry too much, Rahim seem like a professional so he would probably bandage the wound up nicely if he does end up stabbing Casey. I mean if you are going to get stab, it might as well be a professional.

  10. Yay for the daily comics! No more disappointment on going to the WoB homepage in the morning, only to remember that it’s a day without comic.

    I’m sure Rahim will first see that Casey is okay, then wait till he has gained strength – and then stab him, or challenge him to mortal combat or something. As a nurse, ha can’t attack him while he’s helpless. Anyway, even Rahim probably has some curiosity about what happened – so it would be stupid to stab Casey before he has been made to tell about it.

  11. As a nurse, as well as someone familiar with how Casey works, Rahim is probably aware that there may be some reason Casey doesn’t want to go to the hospital; if he seems in no immediate danger, it’s probably better to deal with him privately and convince him to see a doctor later on than it is to try to wrestle a fully grown man who has been AWOL for a year into an ambulance he has no intention of entering. I’m not saying his choice is right, but there’s a certain logic behind it; he’s made a difficult decision between two unattractive options. I expect part of Marie’s reason for not insisting on an ambulance is that she’s afraid Casey will just vanish again if she calls 911.

  12. Holy cow, 12 hour shift? Damn, Rahim is being really, really good about this. At least, I know I wouldn’t have gotten out of bed. But then again, I’m heavy enough that after 12 hours on my feet, and especially after having sat/lain down after 12 hours on my feet, getting up is just flat out not on the table. The pain is literally several times worse than kidney stones.

    I can spend a few hours on my feet just fine, it’s not like it’s a huge deal, but 12 hours…damn.

  13. I did 12-hour shifts occasionally at the department store I used to work for, during their “price circus” days. It didn’t affect my feet or legs much. Then again, I was seriously underweight back then.

  14. More to the point: this sounds like the perfect moment for Marie to return…

    I wonder if we get a color comic on Sunday.

  15. I absolutely love the way Marie looks in the second to last panel!

    Is that the fifth or sixth panel, by the way?

  16. Stefan: I guess it depends on whether you count the title panel as a panel. I would call the second-last panel the fifth panel, but that’s just me. Geez, comics are confusing.

    I’m glad you like Marie’s withering glare of death.

  17. Oooh a sequenced colour comic, have we had one of those before? I get the feeling that we had but I don’t remember when, then again this whole day has been a big déjà vu.

  18. Yes, there are occasionally in-sequence colour comics, usually when the storyline has become rather exciting, and cutting away to deal with other characters wouldn’t really make any sense. The ones I remember off the top of my head are: Marie’s trip to the hospital after being hit in the face with a door; Marie, Not-Casey, and Evil Marie breaking the fourth wall in the enchanted brain forest this summer.

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