September 26 – October 2, 2011

Week 2 of the Extravaganza begins today. Please note that there will now be TWO MORE WEEKS (on top of the original two weeks, one of which is now over) of solid Wobbity goodness.

45 thoughts on “September 26 – October 2, 2011

  1. It doesn’t make sense for me to have bathroom doors opening inward unless you have a large bathroom. That saved space is so worth having the door open into the hallway or other large enough room that it’s not doing to matter.

  2. I never knew there were rules about bathroom door opening directions. At my old house it opened outward. At my current place it opens inward, but as Mer says, outward would’ve been much more convenient.

    Also: doomsday device? Is this a Dr. Strangelove reference? I really should see that film again.

  3. I’ve only ever encountered inward-opening bathroom doors. Maybe it’s a Canadian thing. Let’s pretend that whoever designed Marie’s apartment building was an immigrant.

    The reference was actually to Futurama. Professor Farnsworth is always entering the room and going, “Good news, everyone!” Then he usually says something that is not good news at all.

  4. Ah. I really should see more Futurama. This may start tomorrow, if promises by the cable company can be believed.

  5. Well, I am waiting for more news of the doomsday machine! 🙂 And glad you aren’t done with this story line. We don’t know what Casey’s annual meetings were about – nor where he has been.

  6. Mulch? As in the top, usually organic, layer use to protect the soil from moisture loss, weed/grass growth and provide nutrient (if organic)?

  7. He’s tired from along shift at the hosptial or clinic, dealing with casey and marie at the same time is a bit of handful some nights or morinings what every you choose. What is Rahim doing to Casey?

  8. Well, you know what they say: “Verbing weirds language.”

    And, yes, I recently had the opportunity to revisit Calvin and Hobbes, while I was at my parent’s house.

  9. And being as big as I am really does lead give you a screwed up sense of perspective about a lot of things. I think “40 pounds? That’s not a real big deal.” Mostly because I know from experience that I don’t notice when I’ve lost 20 pounds until I get on a scale. I would probably notice 40, but I don’t know that I would notice it all that much.

  10. And I do apologize for posting three things in a row, but I also need to apologize for the word “lead” up there. I’m not quite sure what I was thinking. Quite frankly, I probably wasn’t.

  11. well I just assumed that by mulch you (Rahim) meant to put it in a mulcher – which cuts things up nice and fine and spews them out. They are such fun to play with, but I don’t think ours would have taken a human without a lot of prep work before hand.

  12. 40 pounds? That’s what, almost 20 kgs? Admittedly Casey is taller than a typical girl – but even then, my SO who is pretty fit (and Casey always seemed relatively fit to me) is 6′ and weights 65 kgs. of course, Casey might be a bit taller than that but… still, probably about 25-30 %? I don’t believe that Rahim would take him anywhere other than to the hospital if he had truly lost that much weight. One of my friends lost 10 kgs once for medical reasons, and they were fearing for her life.

  13. At 6′, the healthy weight range (based on healthy BMI) is roughly from 140 to 180 pounds. So it is entirely realistic for Casey to lose 40 pounds without his life being in immediate danger, especially if he started out in the upper half of the healthy BMI range (ie, not the skinny wiry type).

  14. Emily: yep. I was basing my ENTIRELY SCIENTIFIC IN EVERY WAY calculations on my own weight variation; as an adult, my weight has varied by about thirty pounds (I’m now right in the middle of the scale). At the upper limit, I was bordering on overweight; at the lower, I was relatively slender but by no means counted as skinny. I still had plenty of chub. I’ve always regarded Casey as relatively fit (though not particularly physically active) but naturally burlier than, say, Rahim, who is one of those really scrawny guys who seem to be made mostly of bones. I would say that Casey definitely started in the upper half of the healthy BMI, whereas I would guess that Rahim is down near the bottom of his own BMI category. If Rahim lost forty pounds, he would probably die, but Casey has always had more meat on his bones. You also need to consider the fact that Rahim would have no way of knowing exactly how much Casey weighed before he vanished and is probably just guessing; he could even be exaggerating for effect. Whatever the case, he has assessed Casey as not being in immediate danger.

  15. has Casey been trapped in Marie’s over active imagination? Cause this is some what reasonble question to ask.

  16. Ok, I’ve just finished a huge Hercule Poirot spree (ALLL of them, I read ALLLL of them), and all this discussion of 40lbs is reminding me of Ariadne Oliver. (She was a sort of author-insert who wrote detective novels and liked to complain about all these letters she got from people complaining that windmills don’t work that way, and that sort of thing.)

  17. Megan: pretty much, yeah. It seems to be a hazard of creating something and giving people the means to comment on it. I did know that someone was going to bring up the forty pounds, and indeed, I got it from both directions: both someone claiming that he could lose forty pounds and not even notice, and someone claiming that losing forty pounds would put most people in imminent peril of death. There has also been much discussion of the word “mulch” and a debate on whether or not Rahim is being negligent by not insisting that Casey go to the hospital. I think probably part of the reason all this stuff is coming up is that people have been waiting for Casey’s return for a while and are paying REALLY INTENSE ATTENTION to the story. It’s all cool.

  18. We are paying way too much attention to the details here and not enough to the good stuff.

    Casey is talking to evil Marie again! Marie is not even in the room!

    And shackles? Medieval dungeons?!?

    And the green coat is missing again… Will Basil show up wearing it later?

    Oh boy.

  19. Emily: heh…I was thinking about this on the way home today. It’s quite funny how I’ve FINALLY given you what you’ve been asking for for a year, and all of a sudden, all the comments are about whether one can really lose forty pounds and not have to be hospitalised or just what “mulch” means. Meanwhile, Emily is the FIRST PERSON to note that Casey just talked to Evil Marie alone (for the second time, admittedly; he also did it last year in the elevator). Forget the forty pounds, people: INTERESTING AND MYSTERIOUS THINGS ARE HAPPENING. Ooooooooooooooooooooooh.

  20. It might be that we are so utterly clueless about what’s going on that we’re just going with the flow and see what’s coming once it gets here, and all that’s left for us is to comment on the minutiae.

    I notice Rahim’s arm around Marie in the first panel. I’m kind of hoping that Casey being back will help Marie to move on from him. As charming as Casey can be, it seems that he cannot be trusted. I don’t think he’s a good match for Marie.

  21. Adorable? More like bleck, COOTIES!

    Also there is no way to know that the “Evil Marie” that Casey see is the same Evil Marie that Marie see, it could simply be a case of sympathetic hallucination (or phantom hallucinations, heh).

  22. Yes but how do we know they are the same? Unless they both interact with Evil Marie at the same time, they could both be having just similar hallucination. Unless of course you are actually telling us that they are both the same, in which case: Lucy, you’ve got some ‘splainin to do!

  23. I’m not telling you anything. I’m merely pointing out that there is still an unexplained incident involving SOMEONE opening the door of Marie’s apartment for Casey. “Hallucination” or even “parallel hallucination” does not account for this incident.

  24. Well, for the record, I only said I could lose 40 lbs and maybe notice it. For most people, I recognize that that’s a serious issue. I’m just strange like that. And in a lot of other ways.

    For instance, I assume most people don’t run into the problem where they stop working out because they can’t get enough weight on the machine for reps to be enough of a challenge. I also assume that there are people out there who are actually able to remember names, even sporadically. Me, I’ve literally forgotten my own. Never for long, but still.

    The point is, I’m strange. I don’t judge people just because they’re not as strange as I am, or strange in different ways. Although now I’m not sure why I even brought this up.

    Also, yes, I’ve gotta admit, that is pretty adorable.

  25. A perfectly reasonable response.

    But with Casey on the sofa and Rahim in the bed, where will Marie sleep? In my apartment, at least, those are the only options… perhaps she’s into camping and has a sleeping bag? I’ll stay tuned to find out!

  26. Wow, she does say that. I can probably think of some way to talk me out of this embarrassment, but for the moment: oops!

  27. I bet that’s what you would like us to think, this is probably one of those magical sleeping bag that take you to that weird metaphorical enchanted forest inhabited by strange beastly creatures that talk in riddles and no doubt dance a good jig.

  28. You know, if Caid was actually Casey, then Casey might just be a figment of Marie’s imagination. Maybe everyone can see and interact with him the way he can do with Evil Marie. Of course, that would make Marie some sort of demi-God.

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