October 3 – 9, 2011

Week 3 of the Extravaganza begins today. Because my marking actually begins tomorrow, Week 4 will have to be the last week of this particular Extravaganza. However, I do still owe you six weeks of daily comics, so stay tuned for those, probably after Christmas. I’m afraid that from now until the end of December, it’s going to be all marking, all the time. Luckily, there are still two weeks left in the current session, so hurrah.

I do have to say that I really enjoy putting out a comic per day. If only I didn’t have to earn actual money…


21 thoughts on “October 3 – 9, 2011

  1. hope the marking is as painless as possible

    and I certainly hope that we all get to watch Marie yelling

  2. Well marking is part of life, if your a teacher, it was fun to log on to the website to find a new comic not that I forgot it wasn’t an upload day. Will evil marie harass casey again?

  3. Also, I play the accordion all the time. Now, granted, this is online in a silly game called the Kingdom of Loathing, but for any ascension in that game, having a quality accordion is a must. Seriously, it’s the first thing on the to-do list. Although the reason it’s so important is because there’s a class called accordion thieves. I don’t know how you feel about those.

    Not well known, but that game does endorse the power of the accordion, as well as it’s versatility. One of the songs is a power ballad, for crying out loud.

  4. Erwaro: that’s pretty fantastic. I do suspect that the game uses the accordion in this way because the designers felt it would be ironic. Then again, maybe one of the designers is an accordion fan. It’s hard to tell.

    Regarding accordion thieves: in North America, they’re pretty rare. Sadly, I could probably leave my accordion on a public street and come back the next day to find it still sitting there…though no, I do not want to test this hypothesis.

  5. The whole game is pretty satirical of pretty much everything, but it’s very hard to tell. The other classes are Disco Bandits, Pastamancers, Saucerors, Turtle Tamers and Seal Clubbers. I think that it’s in support of accordions overall, but it’s hard to say. More likely they’ve worked to appeal to accordion lovers, while also being crazy enough to please people who think “Hah, those accordions! So silly!”

    Yeah, I wouldn’t want to test that hypothesis, either. Although it does remind me of a joke that I heard. It might even be a true story, although you know how reliable random sources of funny stories are.

    So, a guy buys a new refrigerator, because he feels like it. Nice sales pitch, that sort of thing. The old one is still good, though, and he wants someone to be able to use it, so he sets it out on his lawn, with a sign saying “Free- take it!”

    The fridge stays there for a week, and he finally decides that people are assuming that something is wrong with it because it’s free. So he changes the sign to one that says “$50- inquire inside”. He leaves it out that night, and when he goes out in the morning, he sees that someone has stolen it.

  6. Fan: I think that disease may be exclusive to mysterious geniuses who possibly spend years putting together ridiculously complex schemes that exploit their friends shamelessly and then expect those friends to help them when they turn up fainting and covered with grime at one o’clock in the morning.

  7. That makes me sad. However, it doesn’t stop me from including a few impossibly difficult problems on my students’ next assignment!

  8. The ‘removed all the shiny objects’ panel had me rolling on the floor laughing! 😀
    You are a genius!

  9. Spending a year locked up in chains to avoid getting punched in the face? Sorry, Kari, I’m not buying it 😉

  10. Well, it’s less that he has spent a year locked in chains (if, in fact, he has) than it is that instead of, you know, wandering over to an emergency room afterwards, he has gone and fainted helplessly at the door of someone who is justifiably angry with him but much less likely to physically assault him while he is in genuine distress. Also, this would be only the tail end of a vastly more complex scheme involving Ursula, Marie, Tim Hortons, Nico, and Basil. I am not sure whether or not any dead mice might play a part, but it’s quite possible.

  11. I still prefer the Xanatos Gambit, if only because Gargoyle > Batman. How long has Casey been laying there for? Why is he still on the coach?

  12. SunshineRain: As of Sunday’s comic, Casey has been at Marie’s place for two or three days. As of Monday’s, which I’m about to post, he’s been there for two weeks. He is still on the couch in the Sunday comic because he is still in bad shape at that point. As of Monday’s comic, he is up and around.

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