December 12 – 23, 2011

25 thoughts on “December 12 – 23, 2011

  1. They look surprisingly normal for timetraveling alien reindeer. But I guess that’s only until they reveal their fangs, as per usual.

  2. Are the Christmas display on the banner set on the carpeted floor? Isn’t it a bit dangerous to put candle on carpeted floor (not to mention Dalek Candy, heh, imagine a Dalek from the cult being called Dalek Candy)? Also, what does the right Christmas card say (it’s hidden behind Santa’s big head)?

  3. The display is on a sort of shelfy thing Marie has along one of her walls. Normally, she keeps plants on it. It’s pinky-red because she’s put down a runner. I think there should definitely be a Dalek Candy (maybe Dalek Kand?). The right-hand card says “Joyeux Noël.” This is Canada; we get French on our cards.

  4. Oh handcuffs, so that’s what Casey was doing in the previous comic, I am assuming they are not the pink fluffy kind. By the way, is this a Doctor Who thing or have you just got a thing for handcuffs?

  5. I don’t think of handcuffs of being a particularly Doctor Who sort of thing. I mean, I know they turn up on the show, especially where River is concerned, but they can also be found here and there in other shows, films, novels, comics, and so on. I do not BELIEVE I have got a thing for handcuffs. I haven’t actually ever drawn handcuffs before. I just think that handcuffing someone to a cupboard because he doesn’t want her to give away her presence is a very Casey thing to do.

  6. Yeah I was referring to how the Doctor was handcuffed by River and then later on when River was being handcuffed, which might had been a parallel to how Marie is handcuffed now to how “Caid” was chained by wrist irons (olden days equivalent to handcuffs). I might be wrong here since I have never been handcuffed before but I am pretty sure they don’t prevent one from shouting if one wants to get attention (as often is the case when handcuffs is involved).

  7. That’s true…Caid was certainly clapped in irons. Regarding the ability to shout when one is in handcuffs: yes, but Casey doesn’t think like that when he’s panicking. I’m probably going to deal with this issue in a strip, so I’ll say no more about it now.

  8. I must say it’s a terrible thing to do to someone, and for me that’d be the point I kicked Casey out of the place.

    Of course, he’ll probably make up for it by pointing out shiny objects and doing something incredibly sweet (like he just decorated Marie’s place).

  9. Tinsel is a shiny object and saddly i thought of something else when casy brought out the handcuffs, knowing that marie would kick casys a** if anything like that happened

  10. Anybody else having issue with the site? The comic is loading incredibly slow for me (even though there isn’t a new comic yet), just wondering if it’s a local problem.

  11. Yeah, the comic lag seem like a one off thing, hopefully it’s nothing to do with the site.
    You know, I just realise there are A LOT of shiny objects during Christmas.

  12. Marie is going to hurt them both, if she can get out of the handcuffs, evil Marie is probably laughing in delight in the situation

  13. Wooohooo 1000th, Shiny (that’s right I have finally gotten around to watching Firefly, yes it’s never too late to start a series that is almost 10 years old *hint hint*).

    Also happy “Holidays”.

  14. Happy Birthday!

    Or something.

    Merry Easter!

    I think my sense of time is off. Congratulations, in any case.

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