Site Down for Some Reason, So Here’s Monday’s Comic

The main West of Bathurst site seems to have been down since about 7:00 Toronto time.  Actually, the entire Massey site is down.  I have no idea why, and I have no power over its return, so I’ll just post today’s new banner and comic here for now.  Let us hope this is not the beginning of another Disappearing Site Nightmare.  I’m sorry the comics are so tiny (click on them to see the full-size images); Word Press is, for some reason I cannot for the life of me understand, now refusing to let me insert images directly into my posts.  It has apparently changed its format.  I really don’t get it.

The alt-text for the comic is:

Clearly, Casey has access to the same sub-space Barbara keeps in her pockets.

EDIT:  As of 2:55 p.m. Toronto time on Tuesday, December 13th, the site is back up.

10 thoughts on “Site Down for Some Reason, So Here’s Monday’s Comic

  1. What’s the alt-text for this comic? Or are you planning to wait til the site is back up before posting?

  2. Sorry…I forgot about the alt-text. I’ve now posted it below the thumbnails above. (The comic was up all day; it’s just that as of this evening, the entire Massey server has vanished. It is highly probable that no one in authority will notice this until tomorrow.)

  3. grrrr does massy have a computer problem that the servers like to crash on the alumi or the students? does the servers just hate the school and think “I’ll crash today and make everyone’s life miserable?”

  4. Blackwolf3: actually, it’s an external server. The administrators are currently trying to figure out what’s going on. Since the alum site is now on the same server as the main Massey site, there is more motivation this time around for its resurrection. With luck, it will reappear soon. Until then, I’ll continue to post the comics here. If you want to view older strips, you can do so at the Comic Genesis site, which unfortunately includes no archive page.

  5. Yay! Let’s start dropping shoes like we’re at the Bata Shoe Museum! (how’s that for geographically topical?)

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