The Joy of Marking

I’m afraid I don’t have time for a Rant this week.  I have marked 146 exams in the past two days, and I still have about twenty essays and several hundred discussion responses to go before the mark-submission deadline on Tuesday afternoon.  Why didn’t I finish my marking earlier, you ask?  That would be the fault of the 200 essays I had to get through before I started the exams.  “I just want to cry” is probably the most coherent thing I’m capable of saying right now.  I do hope everyone else is having a great break.  Imagine me simultaneously glaring and weeping as I type that.

2 thoughts on “The Joy of Marking

  1. If it helps you any, I just had surgery for a kidney stone (17 mm, my largest yet). It probably doesn’t, but I’m gonna throw that out there on the off chance it does.

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