December 26, 2011 – January 7, 2012

27 thoughts on “December 26, 2011 – January 7, 2012

  1. I would have thought cookies were bad for dogs. But maybe I’m just crazy. We haven’t had a dog since I was two and a half, so it’s not like I would know.

  2. Erwaro: not ordinary cookies but dog cookies (or dog biscuits, as they’re also sometimes called). You can buy them in boxes. They have little in common with the sort of cookies you would find appetising.

  3. Ah, that would explain a lot. I just call ’em dog treats. Although, yes, it is usually a good idea not to assume too much about what I eat.

    Having said that, I don’t go for animal food. They have much, much less stringent standards for that. My stomach can put up with a lot, but I try not to intentionally antagonize it. I mostly antagonize it through laziness, which gives it more than enough to put up with.

  4. I’ve been asked to ask you for advice on becoming an evil overlord. Great comic creator, what advice do you have for an up and coming evil overlord? (See also the phorum)

  5. I shall repeat the reply I made on the phorum:

    First of all, you need to get yourself a minion. No self-respecting aspiring evil overlord will get far without one. Any old minion will do, but bonus points go to minions who are undead, owe you their lives, or happen to be your parents under mind-control. It also helps to have some sort of pet, preferably with long fur that you can stroke pensively as you plot to take over the world. Rays are useful as well. Some common varieties are death-, stun-, and freeze-, but creativity is encouraged; if all you can manage at first is a mild-nosebleed ray, it is probable that you will eventually be able to progress to the keeps-punching-himself-in-the-face ray and even the is-forced-to-converse-entirely-in-iambic-pentameter ray.

    Otherwise, just follow the lists. They’re important. Many a potential terrifying overlord of the known universe has been defeated simply because she has never bothered to teach her slave clones how to aim.

  6. Are Marie and Rahim about to start a relationship? Please tell me you are not about to write a Marie-Rahim/Casey love-triangle. Unless it involves mind games and craziness, that is.

  7. Not to give anything away, but take it from me: I probably couldn’t write a convincing non-ironic love story to save my life. That was a friend hug. Even if Marie were interested, Rahim still believes he’s too old for her. Also, Marie has been over her crush on Casey for some time now.

  8. I like the bugel tradition! Maybe I should steal it. Any particular tune, or just a generic blast? Auld Lang Syne would be appropriate, I guess.

  9. Just a generic blast (albeit on various notes). It’s actually my bugle, but I don’t have the lung capacity necessary to get much of a sound out of it. My dad has an enormous lung capacity and can hit all sorts of notes. It actually isn’t possible to play “Auld Lang Syne” on the bugle; you’d need a trumpet or a cornet for that.

  10. Now where did my old cornet go? That sounds like an excellent tradition indeed.

    If only I remembered how to still play it. Or remembered anything about it other than that I needed to grease the valves a lot to get them to function. Usually for a few days.

    Well, I may never do it because of laziness, but it still sounds like an excellent tradition.

  11. You know, I never figure Rahim to be the type that would wear a fishnet shirt. I always figure that they were in the domain of the vampire loving Goth, but whaddayaknow.
    WoB, revealing strange insight into its handcuff and fishnet loving author, one panel at a time.

  12. I thought I had been rather restrained with my comment, considering all this talk of blowing on a bugle.

  13. SunshineRain, you would find dirty bits in a mention of egg-salad sandwiches. I would fully expect you to leap enthusiastically upon the bugle conversation (pun quite possibly intended).

  14. That is a good point (about not needing to grease the valves.)

    …God, that sounds filthy given the posts above…

    Anyway, yes, that’s a good point. Now I only need to find the thing. It shouldn’t be too hard, my family hasn’t moved more than…4 times since I used it last.

    Well, I may need to find another tradition after all. Thanks for the idea, though.

    Doesn’t egg salad involve mayo? That’s pretty suggestive, right there. And don’t even get me started on the suggestive nature of sandwiches.

  15. Sandwiches have little bits of themselves peeking out of of their bread, tempting us with their succulent flavor. Layer upon layer of rich, moist textures, just waiting to caress your tongue. That’s not suggestive at all.

  16. What the heck is going on, I leave for a few days and I come back and see see this, What about the comic, did basil beat up casey? or did the tenticals do that?

  17. SunshineRain: Nico mentioned them earlier as well. He didn’t specify what he meant; he just said that he and Casey could continue their conversation during rounds. Casey implied that he would rather not go; Nico told him that Casey was forgetting who he was. Wherever Casey’s been all night (this comic is actually taking place on Christmas morning), it has something to do with the mysterious “rounds.” I expect Marie’s not asking him to clarify because she knows he won’t.

  18. Ah, thanks for clarifying, you never know when those quaint Canadian words come into play. You know, beyond the black stump and all that but I guess she’ll be apples anyway.

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