A Rowse by Any Other Name

I’m at my parents’ place at the moment.  Yesterday, I answered the phone; the called said, “Is that Jan?”  Jan, my sister, had been staying with my parents for a week and was just about to head home. I said, “No, it’s Kari.” “Oh,” said the caller, “Carrie!” I was so used to this sort […]

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I’m afraid I’m too worried about actual problems at the moment to feel justified in writing a long Rant about imaginary ones.  I suppose I could do a short list instead.  Here, then, are the Top Six Reasons I Am Unhappy With My Boots: 6)  When I put them on, my left big toe begins […]

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January 23 – 29, 2012

Here beginneth the first week of the Third Great WoB Extravaganza.  With luck, I’ll be able to keep it up.  The day after I announced it, I learned that a member of my family was in the hospital.  Predictably, this is rather occupying my mind at the moment, but one unforeseen result has been that […]

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On Negativity

I’ve been sitting here trying to figure out what to Rant about today.  Every time I come up with a possible topic, I end up telling myself, “No, I can’t write on that; it’s too negative.”  I try something else, and it’s too negative too.  This has been going on for a while. So now […]

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