January 23 – 29, 2012

Here beginneth the first week of the Third Great WoB Extravaganza.  With luck, I’ll be able to keep it up.  The day after I announced it, I learned that a member of my family was in the hospital.  Predictably, this is rather occupying my mind at the moment, but one unforeseen result has been that WoB is now just about the only thing on which I’m able to concentrate.  I’ve therefore actually managed to build up a buffer.  At any rate, if I suddenly stop updating regularly, you’ll know why.  If that happens, I’ll catch up eventually.

20 thoughts on “January 23 – 29, 2012

  1. Aw, jeez. Good luck, to you and your family member. Hopefully it’s not to serious. Maybe it’s kidney stones? I have all sorts of advice for dealing with kidney stones, although the first bit is obviously “Don’t get them.”

  2. Save Community? I really hope this doesn’t turn out to be another Firefly, worst case hopefully it will be another Futurama.

  3. I actually haven’t, in fact. For two reasons.

    One is that I prefer the larger ones- when I was young, I much preferred trees that I could climb on, and I seem to feel that larger trees, having been around longer, would know much more, and be better able to help. This may simply be a difference in personality between Marie and I – I don’t usually talk to trees for sympathy, I talk to them for advice.

    The other is that I’ve never lived near a park. Do not feel sorry for me, though- I feel sorry for you. For me, the trees were always everywhere- I didn’t need to share my therapy tree with hordes of other people.

  4. I was going to ask if people actually do talk to inanimate things (and not just scream obscenity) that wasn’t in a fictional setting. Well, I guess that answered my question.

  5. Oooh, we call that a beanie here. Most people wear them to football matches with their team colour on them, although they usually have that weird fluffy pompom thing on top.

    So are we sure this person is “Raspberry pudding” Basil and not some sort of “I have come from the Future to change the past but somehow ended up being the cause of the thing that I wanted to change” Casey? (Unless Basil is actually Future Casey/Marie/Barbara/Rahim, in which case I don’t want to know)

  6. Well, Basil is shorter than Casey (I KNOW I’m not hugely consistent with heights, but he IS), and it is extremely probable that even if YOU can’t tell the difference between them, Marie can. As well, they have differently shaped faces.

  7. Just making sure, you know how those white people all sort of look the same… when drawn in a comic I mean.. and maybe also in a police line up.

  8. Don’t feel racist- I know from personal experience that all big white guys with similarly colored beards look the same. It took weeks before anyone called me Eric instead of Justin. Although apparently a lot of them also started calling the other guy Eric.

  9. This is very confusing… why did Marie thank Basil? Options:

    1) “Thanks for bringing Casey back to me.”
    2) “Thank god you saw through things and made an informed decision, so I don’t have to feel guilty about sending you there.”
    3) “I’m hopelessly attracted by bearded guys mentioning Satan.”
    4) …?

    I think it’s mostly (1), with possibly a hint of (2). I’m happy that we’re getting more as soon as tomorrow!

  10. I’m under the impression that she’s glad that someone else suspects that Casey is Satan, or at least thinks that something is up.

    Well, someone other than Barbara.

  11. Erwaro: I’ve got to go with your interpretation. Basil is a relatively objective stranger making an observation that seemingly confirms Marie’s own suspicion, though she doesn’t trust this suspicion because 1) it’s Barbara who has caused it and 2) Marie spends a lot of time fearing she may be going crazy.

    Of course, she met Basil in a mental institution…

  12. No…clinical depression. He wasn’t committed, either; he admitted himself. If you’re looking for a vast conspiracy involving the deaths of Marie’s parents and the immolation of most of Frankie’s possessions, it is POSSIBLE you are not going to find it here.

  13. Okay, so today’s comic makes it look more like a “finally someone who’s willing to talk” kind of hug. I’m intrigued!

  14. I might have thought that you were egotistic enough to have let slip a major clue embedded inside an idiom, I guess I was wrong… for now.

  15. Slightly late (I just can’t read the comics on my phone), but I can honestly say I’ve never gone and talked to an evergreen.

    Being in Oz, it’s so much easier to find a gumtree

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