January 30 – February 5, 2012

Okay…let’s hope it works this time.  I did post this post already.  If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have been able to link to it, and I did link to it.  WordPress is confusing me right now.


30 thoughts on “January 30 – February 5, 2012

  1. Just found the relevant fairy tail. not sure whether to feel smart for finding it or slow for not catching on sooner….

  2. Feel smart for finding it. A few people found it a couple of years ago, but it’s not really the most obvious fairy tale in the world if one isn’t already familiar with it. Fairy tales involving the devil have become a lot less popular in Western society over the course of the past century. I’m a fairy-tale junkie, so I don’t count. There are other references in the comic (one in particular) that no one has noticed yet, so perhaps you’ll be the first to discover some of those.

  3. Blackwolf3: The thread is still there. Just go to the main page of the blog. The “Comments” button was erroneously linking to the wrong entry (“A Rowse by Any Other Name”) because WordPress somehow went crazy and deleted the relevant post.

  4. See, my thought (however wrong it probably is) is that there’s another fairy-tale involved in this, somehow. I mean, like you said, fairy-tale junkie. I suspect that we will never fully understand (or, at least, fully predict) the rest of the plot until we figure out which other fairy-tale it is. I’d hazard a guess, but I don’t really know many fairy-tales, and I’m disinclined to suppose you would use one of the few that I’m familiar with, since they’re all crazy well known.

    My justification is that, in the fairy tale we already know about, the devil is never really seen as a sympathetic character, whereas Casey is sympathetic (to a degree), and clearly could use some help with things. The devil, on the other hand, while he may accept help to get more souls, never actually personally needs help. And always, for that matter, seems to work alone, which Casey clearly does not.

  5. Well, there are many varieties of devil, and not all of them do work alone. It’s also worth noting that the folkloric devil is not always an antagonist (though he frequently is). In one story I know, a guy makes a minor bet with the devil over drinks, and when he wins, the devil quite happily builds a bridge for him (which is what he has promised). In another story, a guy does end up outwitting the devil (at first), but he’s so clearly not a nice person that by the end of the story, you’re cheering the devil on. Even Geoffrey Chaucer has a story in which the devil is more sympathetic than the supposed protagonist. When the devil wins in folk tales, which he actually does fairly often, it is often implied that he is simply meting out justice.

  6. I’m probably way off base here, but I did some Googling around and found folktales that may have to do with Casekins (yes, I did just call him that.) Zwarte Piet originally was a legend about how Saint Nicolas chained up the devil and made him his slave. And Casey gets chained and has a friend named Nico that forces him to come with along on Christmas.

    Then there’s Krampus, but I don’t see Casey as one to devour kids. I bet he watches his fat intake.

  7. Good lord. Finally. THANK you, Dances with Fish. Yes, there very well may have been some increasingly broad hints of the St. Nick / Zwarte Piet / Krampus variety. It’s by no means an exact adaptation (as you note, there’s no baby-eating, or not so far, anyway), but yeah, it’s quite possible that you’ll find references going all the way back to 2006.

  8. Interesting. The version I was told as a kid involves an inn keeper killing children to rob them, then Saint Nicolas walking in, ressusciting the children, and taking the inn keeper with him as his servant (Père Fouettard).

    I wonder if Casey has done something very bad in the past that somehow needs atonement? Or does he go around giving coal to people?

  9. There are many different versions of the legend from different regions. This Wikipedia page lists a number of the companions of St. Nicholas. What’s always struck me is not so much the exact attributes of any one of these guys as it is the fact that there are two figures, one a dark version of the other.

    (I’ve often regretted I’ve never been able to get Nico into a comic on December 6th. However, his appearances for two years running in the comics set on Christmas Eve did quite possibly contain quite a few rather pointed clues. Maybe my clues aren’t as pointed as I think they are.)

  10. Y a maple dounut by not a chocolate one with a ton of chocolate frosting yum its worth evey calorie

  11. I think it’s just a reference to the eternal battle of Casey Maple doughnut.

    Looks like the “Third Great WoB Extravaganza” will be ending soon, I have also run out of Community to watch… it’s beginning to look like a decline in procrastination.

  12. That’s weird, there was meant to be a bi-directional arrow between Casey and Maple doughnut that seem to have disappeared.

    I blame the lack of procrastination on Community’s addictiveness. I was meant to have spread it over months of watching… alas it did not happen.

    Since we are now supposedly meant to notice stuff in the comic *ahem*, was Casey’s reference to raspberries, without the pudding, related to how Basil like raspberries pudding as a duality to Basil’s reference to doughnut, without the maple, to Casey’s maple doughnut? Raspberries doughnut? Doughnut pudding?

  13. Yeah, the smaller-than and larger-than signs are not safe for use here. The fact they were eaten up also messed up my previously brilliant comment on the pronunciation of names in the previous comment thread…


  14. I just had a sudden and inexplicable realisation that all of WoB’s speeches are yelling, or not.

  15. I am simply using the old-fashioned comic convention of capitalising all the dialogue. I believe it originally existed because capitalised letters were easier to read. Now a lot of cartoonists use typeface, rendering the need for capitals moot. I have not yet succumbed to the newfangledness.

  16. Yeah I notice that the majority of the web comic that I read are also capitalised, only a few doesn’t (OOTS and SATW for example).

  17. OMG!!! So that’s it! I should have suspected. Well, now I have to go off and read more fairy tales!! Brilliant! Geez Kari!

  18. Well, I am on a D.L Ashliman site and gonna spend the evening browsing. Haven’t got it yet but I am on the trail. 🙂

    Also – just on a technical note – I have signed up for updates – now twice and I don’t get updates in my email yet. Not sure why that is. I waited for a while after subscribing and then finally just turned up to see why nothing appeared to be happening. But as it turns out lots is happening so even though I re-subscribed today for updates I am going to go back to checking in regularly.

  19. Hi, Mimi. WordPress has notified me that you have subscribed; you should receive a message every time I publish a post. If you want messages when people comment, you’ll need to subscribe to individual threads.

  20. Oh, I think I understand. Subscribing to the blog is not the same as subscribing to the comments. I wonder what I subscribed to last time then? I thought I wanted to keep up with comments also. I will figure it out eventually.

  21. For a moment there I thought you posted the Valentine’s Day comic. You sure went all out with the purple and pink didn’t you?

  22. The theme of this year’s Massey Winter Ball (which actually finished just a few hours ago) was “Masquerade.” I expect the decorations were a bit more tasteful than these ones, but I figured: why not just go really, really colourful? The action is worthy of a daytime soap, so why should the decor be restrained? Also, this sort of IS the Valentine’s Day comic. The next colour comic will be posted several days after Valentine’s Day.

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