February 20 – March 3, 2012

19 thoughts on “February 20 – March 3, 2012

  1. Mer: jam and jelly are different things. Jam just happens to be more common here, so it seems more logical to talk about a peanut-butter-and-jam sandwich. I do like grape jelly, but I’m excessively fond of raspberry jam.

  2. Yes, she often talks about punching Casey, but she’s rarely physically violent (one violent shove, pushing various people into the Davies pond, beating Casey on the chest with her fists). My theory is that this is because Marie is actually unexpectedly strong and is genuinely afraid of hurting someone.

  3. Jam and jelly are different? Now you’ve just totally destroyed my understanding of peanut butter and jam. At least I’m still reasonably confident that your jelly isn’t the same as my jelly.

  4. Do they have frickin’ space armor for when they travel around in their frickin’ space ships? Are they from the frickin’ space ocean? Do they swim near frickin’ space Australia?

  5. It has a strong Tom Bombadil vibe to it. At least in writing. Are the bars in the title from that song? Where can I listen to it?

  6. Well, it’s not a real song, though we’re singing one rather like it right now. I made up the bars in the title panel. They should sound musically okay (with the notes in the bass clef acting as a drone, probably sung on “ooh”), but they’re not from any particular song. Actually, in our current diddle-dee song, I’m playing the pennywhistle rather than singing. I’ve had to practise a lot because it’s kind of a fast part, so I’ve memorised the entire piece, and I’m not sure when I’m ever going to be able to get it out of my head. You can hear another choir do the piece here (my part is the part the fiddler is playing; it’s supposed to be played by bagpipes, but most choirs substitute a different instrument).

  7. And now for something completely different: in about a month, Mark (of Mark Reads Twilight fame) will start reading The Sandman. Since that’s as good a time as any to start reading it myself, I need buying advice: there’s a paperback edition (10 volumes, about 14 dollars each) and a hardcover edition (“The Ultimate Sandman”, 4 volumes plus an extra volume with extras/asides or something). The four hardcover volumes together are about twice as expensive as the 10 paperback volumes together.

    Is it worth splurging on the hardcovers?

  8. My personal feeling has recently become that hardcovers aren’t worth it, but I’m also much more concerned with conserving space and having things be easy to move than I am with…whatever it is that hardcovers are good for. Do hardcover books last longer? I don’t know. They certainly make better projectiles, but I don’t think that’s what you usually buy books for.

  9. The Ultimate Sandman hardcovers are very nice, but I have the paperbacks, and they’re perfectly fine; I’ve read mine multiple times without destroying them. I guess it depends on whether you want the value-added aspect of the hardcovers (I believe they may be a bit larger than usual and possibly contain some extras).

  10. I just ordered the first of the hardcover volumes. What can I say? I like nice things (last year I bought an Alan-Lee-illustrated edition of Lord of the Rings).

  11. Follow up: the special edition looks awesome but is HUGE! Definitely a stay-at-home book.

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