Reality Television Week (*Sigh*)

Well, it’s here again:  the one week per year in which I must lecture on reality television. Don’t get me wrong:  it’s a fun lecture to give.  It’s always easier to generate discussion with controversial subjects.  Some of my students hate reality television, while others watch almost nothing else.  The reasons behind the popularity of […]

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March 19 – 31, 2012

By the time this fortnight is over, I’ll (probably) know the results of two literary contests I’m in (or the results of one and the second-round results of the other).  I’ll also need to have written several course modules and marked at least fifty essays.  What fun this fortnight is going to be.  Have some […]

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The Computer Curse Continued

For once, there’s actually nothing wrong with my laptop.  However, the reason there’s nothing wrong with my laptop is that it’s brand new, and the reason it’s brand new is that it’s replacing another brand-new but defective laptop, and the reason I had the brand-new but defective laptop was that the laptop before that one, […]

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Weather Weirdness, Go Away

I used to do this thing where I would write open letters to either summer or winter, phrasing them as if they came from a committee of senior bureaucrats taking issue with the abuses the season in question was perpetrating on the system.  This little conceit has now pretty well played itself out, and I […]

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