March 5 – 17, 2012

10 thoughts on “March 5 – 17, 2012

  1. Indeeeeeeeeeeed.

    (I originally had “dead,” but then I thought about it a little more deeply. If Casey did, in fact, bring that mouse back to life, it’s possible there’s currently a tiny little zombie scampering around Toronto.)

  2. The problem with these sorts of things is that after a while you get tired of wondering what, exactly, people know about what people know. This is one of my favorite tricks, actually- get people wondering what I really mean, just by speaking in a certain manner and discussing who knows what about what other people know, and wandering around in circles, describing the various possibilities.

    What I’m actually doing is playing a game, always. I believe that the best way to keep a secret is to keep it secret. Unless that’s just what I want you to think, and believe me, it is. I wouldn’t have typed it if it wasn’t. Although obviously I anticipated that you would wonder about whether or not that was what I wanted you to think, so it might well not really be what I want you to think. Although it’s obvious that I anticipated that you would be suspicious about whether or not I thought you would be suspicious, so it could really be that…

    The answer, as always, is that I didn’t do anything to either cup. I was hoping that you’d see that I wasn’t keeling over, and then keel over yourself from the sheer power of the placebo effect.

  3. Obviously. I wanted the contest to be at least a little interesting, so I spat in that one.

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