Weather Weirdness, Go Away

I used to do this thing where I would write open letters to either summer or winter, phrasing them as if they came from a committee of senior bureaucrats taking issue with the abuses the season in question was perpetrating on the system.  This little conceit has now pretty well played itself out, and I haven’t used it in a few years.  However, I do have to say:

What the hell has been up with the weather lately?  It’s been bouncing from 16C to -2C to 16C to -10C, back and forth and back and forth.  One day, everyone dresses for spring; the next, we’re back in the depths of winter.  My allergies have been coming and going.  On one of the cold days, a friend and I noticed some frozen crocuses that had half-emerged from the ground before being blindsided by a small blizzard.  I have been alternating between a heavy down jacket and a windbreaker.

Is some consistency too much to ask for?  Pick cold or warm; I don’t even care which.  Just pick one.  The constant zig-zagging is bewildering.  Do I need my tuque or not?  Should I be wearing boots?  Is it cycling weather?  Nobody knows.  It’s as if the weather is deliberately trying to bewilder and distress us.  With the addition of the daylight-savings-related spring forward, I have become tired, grumpy, and certain I’m wearing the wrong clothes all the time.

With luck, the weather will eventually settle down and figure out exactly what it is.  It’s just too bad that until then, everyone has to go around dressed in layers and wondering which spring is going to be the real one.

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