More Crunchy Marking

Grades are due on May 3rd.  I have been marking almost non-stop for weeks now.  I’ve got through thirty exams today and may try for up to ten more tonight (I may not; my head is going thumpy-thumpy-thump); there are ninety left to go.  Last week, I gave you five ways in which huge piles […]

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Crunchy Marking

It’s marking time, so I would merely like to mention five ways in which huge piles of marking alter one’s life. 1)  Time slows down.  You would think it would be the opposite.  Wouldn’t the contemplation of appalling piles of essays and exams make the clock race?  Wouldn’t the thought “There’s no way I can […]

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Teeny Tiny

I am the first to admit that I like tiny little musical instruments.  I play a number of them, from the ukulele and the piccolo to the harmonica and the pennywhistle.  I also play some particularly huge and ungainly instruments, such as the piano and the accordion, but there’s a certain appeal about being able to […]

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April 2 – 14, 2012

Well, so far, we’ve seen Marie dragging Casey to Davies…which gives him another panic attack…leading him to become depressed about his memory problems…whereupon Marie tries to force him out into the world…making him behave so oddly that Barbara begins adding to her list of why he must be Satan…and subsequently dresses up as Sherlock Holmes […]

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