April 2 – 14, 2012

Well, so far, we’ve seen Marie dragging Casey to Davies…which gives him another panic attack…leading him to become depressed about his memory problems…whereupon Marie tries to force him out into the world…making him behave so oddly that Barbara begins adding to her list of why he must be Satan…and subsequently dresses up as Sherlock Holmes and goes on the hunt…culminating in her presentation of a dead mouse to Casey…at which point he takes the mouse and runs out of the apartment…apparently prompting a frantic phone call from a mysterious unknown person…after which Casey returns and demands the tie he hasn’t worn since his reappearance in September.

On to the next link in the chain…

30 thoughts on “April 2 – 14, 2012

  1. In the words of Lewis caroll and Dr major Charles windchester the third “just gets curiouser and curiouser”
    Ps dont mock the spelling

  2. Kari, you are very good at making people think you might actually be clearing things up and then revealing almost nothing. (and causing your reader to re-read the comic 5 times to see if it reveals anything more on re-reading). Thanks for the enjoyable read as always!

  3. I want a conversation between Marie and Nico, but I suspect he will either a) answer questions about as directly as Casey does or b) will disappear before Marie manages to get any questions in.

  4. So I get the one about Charon, and I think the one about Stingy Jack, not sure about the rest though…

  5. Roeslein: yes, you’re right: they’re all stories about the devil. The first one isn’t explicitly about Charon, actually, though the motif of the ferryman suggests that Charon was an influence on the story.

    I’ve actually never heard him called Stingy Jack before (he has many names, all with “Jack” or “Will” in them), so thanks for that. I’ll be interested to see if people can figure out the other stories.

  6. I reconginze the ferryman, had to look up Pumpkin Jack, but I don’t reconginze the two for one, and the stone circle might be stonehedge?

  7. The stone circle IS Stonehenge; there’s an odd little legend about how the devil swindles an old woman out of it (she has it in her back yard) because he wants it for himself. The one no one recognises is actually (hint) one EVERYONE should recognise because it has been used in the comic before. And I’m not sure you HAVE recognised the ferryman. Think fairy tales, not mythology.

  8. Is the ferryman from “Der Teufel mit den drei goldenen Haaren (the devil with the three golden hairs – don’t know how the title is in English)? Then he is (or was) a king … And Casey shouldn’t have any golden hairs left.
    The third one is obviously the bearskin story – Caseydevil got the two sisters instead of the guy.

    Is Casey the fairy tale devil? Or has someone implanted some fairy tale devil memories into his poor head? Or is the tie the devil? Will we ever know what happened to Dead Mouse No. 2?

  9. Nobilis: Exactly. “The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs” is the first version of that particular story I ever learned, though there are many variants. The third one is certainly the Bearskin story; it’s just the last line with the word “souls” removed. Other people guessed the other two stories above. There is, of course, a fifth one in the alt-text.

    Marie has a couple of theories. Starting on Monday, you’ll find out what they are.

  10. well I didn’t recognise any of those references – but then I’m hardly surprised by that. I don’t expect to get such references.

  11. Mer: the references aren’t integral to the understanding of the comic. If you get them, you can go, “Ha ha…Casey’s being the devil again!” If you don’t, you can go, “Ha ha…Casey’s babbling inanely again!” What’s important is that he seems to be remembering something, and certainly not something the average person would be expected to remember.

  12. He’s giving historical referances, either casey is some type of recarnation memorie cyborge, or he’s the devil with really nice hair

  13. Cheery singing? I love to play poker with Nico and Casey would loose most of my money but it would be fun, hopefully, casey doesn’t make a deal on someone’s soul

  14. Blackwolf3: the last two comics have included lyrics from “I’ve Got a Theory” (a song from “Once More, With Feeling,” the Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical episode) in the alt-text, and fan and I have just been continuing the song.

  15. By the way, remember how a few months back I was talking about starting to watch Buffy? I’ve seen all of it. And all of Angel. It’s awesome and addictive!

  16. Hmmm interesting, I have never thought of Casey and Barbara to be “best friend”.

  17. I must say I love Barbara! If I ever get the chance to be on a panel I hope I can find a way to use that line.

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