April 15 – 28, 2012

18 thoughts on “April 15 – 28, 2012

  1. 1. Hundred years ago the titanic sank. 2 the blankets someones daughter? Intresting that’s all

  2. SunshineRain: I could go all mysterious and imply that the ringtone is a big clue, but I’ll be honest: I missed the opportunity to make Casey’s ringtone something clever. It’s just a bunch of random notes. However, I have ensured that it’s the same every time.

  3. So Casey is completely messed up, except (or additionally, I’m not sure) he cannot resist going to the barbecue?!

  4. You could have, like, a world without shrimp 😉

    (This week’s obscure alt text brought to you by the Discworld(tm). I can’t quite put my finger on the character, but I’m sure it’s from one of the beggars surrounding Foul Ole’ Ron)

  5. A world without shrimp? But then, what would I dislike? There would be a hole in my heart, where my dislike of shrimp used to be, and I would never know why there was a hole there. I might even think I was missing something positive. No, although I dislike shrimp, a world without shrimp might well drive me to madness.

    Well, more madness, anyway.

  6. Erwaro: I know you are proudly pop-culture deficient, so I should let you know that fan was referring, in his comment about a world without shrimp, to a running joke from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Anya is the first one to introduce both the idea of the world without shrimp and the idea of the world with nothing but shrimp, but both concepts turn up elsewhere as well.

  7. Ah, that would explain a lot. I was slightly disconcerted by the idea of purging the world of whatever I dislike. I consider myself pretty accepting and open minded, but something tells me that I wouldn’t like the world that resulted from that nearly as much as I like this one.

    And how would a world of nothing but shrimp work? I just can’t imagine that at all. I mean, who photosynthesizes? I’m pretty sure that shrimp don’t. And don’t even get me started on the problems of an entire planet actually composed of nothing but shrimp.

    Although, I suppose that if you take the whole infinite universes thing seriously, there probably would be at least one. Although it really depends on your perspective on infinity, and what is meant by “different universe”, and your exact definition of “shrimp”. I have no problem, for instance, imagining a universe containing a language where the word “shrimp”, has the meaning “stuff”. A universe of stuff might well be similar to the one we inhabit.

  8. Yeah, you’d better not have hurt any fish for this. I’m pretty sure that fish don’t like to be juggled.

    Pretty sure.

    Although I suppose you never know until you try.

  9. I don’t actually think Barbara would ever be so cruel as to juggle fish; she would SAY she would because she likes coming across as kind of crazy, but she wouldn’t ACTUALLY juggle fish. Baldwin, on the other hand, would. And that is really all you need to know about Baldwin.

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