More Crunchy Marking

Grades are due on May 3rd.  I have been marking almost non-stop for weeks now.  I’ve got through thirty exams today and may try for up to ten more tonight (I may not; my head is going thumpy-thumpy-thump); there are ninety left to go.  Last week, I gave you five ways in which huge piles of marking altered one’s life.  They were all sort of quirky and lighthearted.  I have passed the quirky-and-lighthearted stage now, and I just want the marking to go away and leave me alone.

I have, however, always found it ironic how much easier it is to get other work done when the marking is at its most heinous.  This must be how workaholics feel all the time.  I’m not sure how they keep it up.  Maybe they secretly cry a lot.

In the last week, despite–or, perhaps, because of–the mountains of marking, I have accomplished the following on my “breaks” (read:  the periods during which I have to stop marking because my head hurts too much):

1)  I have held an initial meeting about creating a short film for the online course on fairy tales I am authoring.

2)  I have paid my taxes.

3)  I have sorted out my banking situation, something made necessary by the teller’s gasps of horror and astonishment as he processed my taxes and, in the process, discovered that I had not set foot in the bank for about ten years.

4)  I have published a comic every two days.

5)  I have reapplied for my job, a process that takes way too long and involves a lot of typing.

6)  I have come close to finishing the first chapter of another novel that I have been writing entirely during fifteen-minute breaks from marking.

7)  I have written this Rant.

As soon as the marks are in, I shall be returning to my usual sloth.  I wish I were capable of being productive without also being too busy to eat.

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