May 14 – 26, 2012

14 thoughts on “May 14 – 26, 2012

  1. Ah, “Whiteboard”. Very few of my classes made any significant use of that program.

    I tended to do less well in those few that did.

  2. Good lord…I posted this comic about two minutes ago. You’re certainly speedy.

  3. More lucky.

    Although I don’t think lucky is quite the word for it. Some sorta strange coincidence. Or, well, not strange. I check things a lot before I go to bed.

    Hell, why don’t we go with lucky. At least until I come up with a word to describe the collective strangeness that seems to dominate my life half the time.

  4. I remember that chat option for the online course. I had little luck with it.


  5. I’m so glad maths tends to be pretty old school when it comes to technology and usually maths lecturers avoid any efforts on behalf of “learning” groups to implement such things. Personally I find our blackboards very simple to use, and have yet to see a malfunction. But then for us, blackboard means what it does to almost any person over 60 – it’s a board (usually kind of green in colour) that you write on with chalk (that can come in many colours). Super functional.

  6. Oh, there’s always an optimistic response. If it gets any worse, you’ll have that much more justification for going back to the old way. And hey, even monkeys typing at a keyboard will produce good code eventually.

    Granted, they’d probably come up with the complete works of Shakespeare well before that, but still.

  7. It seems all right so far, but I’ve only just seen the new version. The upgrade did take seven-and-a-half hours longer than it should have to complete. Colour me not at all surprised.

    Code monkey get up, get coffee.
    Code monkey go to job…

  8. I only use “whiteboard” to post announcements and assignments. After reading the above I am not going to use it for more!

    Oh yeah, I use their “grade center”. But I make sure to have a personal copy of all grades.

  9. Well, I’m probably being a little unfair because I am forced to use the program so frequently. I notice the bugs a lot more than most people do. The latest fun bug is that when your session expires and you have to log back in, you are taken to an error page from which it is impossible to return to the site; you need to go all the way back to the university’s home page and reload everything. Let us hope this is a temporary effect of the upgrade. The pages all took way too long to load last night as well. Every single student was late for the second chat (I have two sections of the course), and every single student had the same excuse: “[White]board is really slow right now.” And it WAS.

  10. On the plus side it must be nice to have realistic and probably even real reasons for students not doing their work on time! At one stage the uni unit page system (not “whiteboard”) was being used for timed assessments with REALLY large unit groups. Turns out it’s less than pleasant to be the course coordinator or local IT person when several hundred students get blocked out of their tests because time ran out when the system froze – seems the only thing that didn’t freeze was the countdown clock.

  11. hahaha – that’s my comment on Saturday’s strip! 🙂 My morning chuckle – Casey never fails…

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