Scooped! The Musical

Full disclosure:  I have no right to be complaining about this.  Actually, I’m not truly complaining as such.  It’s more that I’m shaking the Fist of Frustration at the Goddess of Amusing but Ultimately Insignificant Coincidences, twin sister of Annoia, Goddess of Things That Get Stuck in Drawers (all credit to Mr. Pratchett). So I’ve […]

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Waiting for Rejection

When you are trying to get a novel published, you spend an awful lot of time sitting around waiting to be rejected.  Sometimes, this happens even when you are not, in fact, sending anything to publishers. As someone who has been writing since she first picked up a pen in her chubby little hand but […]

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June 11 – 23, 2012

Do not mistake this post for the Weekly Pointless Rant; that’s below.  Instead, this post just repeats the list of incentives for contributing to the Clarion Write-a-Thon.  Why have I dreamed up all these incentives?  Insanity may have something to do with it. The message (also available via the comic’s index page): The  Clarion Write-a-Thon is […]

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I just took a look at my WoB Talk spam folder.  A few months ago, I would generally have had between five and ten comments in there at any given time.  Lately, however, the spambots have been taking notice of the blog.  There were 100 spam comments yesterday.  Today, there are 121.  Considering that comments […]


On Not Being a Guitarist

It’s a funny thing about being a musician:  the guitarists have it easy. If you’re a guitarist, you’re expected to be, well, a guitarist.  You play the guitar.  If you’re a really high-level guitarist in a high-level band, you may have a lot of different guitars for different kinds of music, but you will probably […]

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