Scooped! The Musical

Full disclosure:  I have no right to be complaining about this.  Actually, I’m not truly complaining as such.  It’s more that I’m shaking the Fist of Frustration at the Goddess of Amusing but Ultimately Insignificant Coincidences, twin sister of Annoia, Goddess of Things That Get Stuck in Drawers (all credit to Mr. Pratchett).

So I’ve been writing a lot of songs lately, mostly fantasy- and sci-fi-flavoured bits of amusing fluff.  I perform some of them at a monthly SF reading series, and people do seem appreciative.  I’ve never put any of them online, since I’ve only really been working on them since last Christmas, but I’ve always planned to do so, despite my complete lack of knowledge of how to make a half-decent recording or video.  In fact, I was sort of thinking of working on that this weekend.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been refining one particular song that covers a subject that will be recognisable to many fantasy fans and, nowadays, HBO viewers,all in anticipation of a performance this coming Wednesday.  Perhaps I was a little too pleased with this song and am now being punished for my hubris.  On Friday, less than a week before the performance, Paul and Storm released their own single on more or less exactly the same subject.  You can, and should, watch the video here (or, in fact, on their website, which is linked above).  It’s very funny.  I am unhappy with Paul and Storm.

This sort of thing does happen, of course.  It’s not even that it happens only to struggling unknowns; Pixar probably has a few choice things to say to Dreamworks about Antz, released a month before A Bug’s Life.  And I can hardly complain that a brilliant comic duo has scooped my song, considering that I’ve never, you know, released any songs, ever.  It’s just that coincidences do sometimes make one fall to one’s knees in a rain-soaked meadow and scream, “Whyyyyyyyyyy?” to the heavens.  One generally goes for ice cream afterwards.

At any rate, my vaguely directed indignation has now been put to relatively good use:  I have recorded four of my songs, damn it, including the scooped one.  I did the scooped one first in an attempt to prove, if only to myself, that I was not a freaking copycat but simply a victim of Fortune’s whims.   The recordings are not, shall we say, of professional quality.  Basically, I had one microphone, my voice, and a ukulele.  My voice can charitably be described as “untrained.”  Nonetheless, feel free to listen.  Do go find the Paul and Storm video first, though, since it’s got fake beards in it and is hilarious.  Then go find other stuff by Paul and Storm.  I especially recommend “Frogger! The Frogger Musical.”

I apologise beforehand for the weird format below; I can’t seem to fix it.

Here’s my scooped song, which may baffle you if you do not know who George R. R. Martin is:

“Dear George R. R. Martin”

This one may appeal to those who believe that Twilight is the devil:

“Kids These Days”

This one is (literally) self-explanatory:

“Love Song”

This one is an affectionate poke at my city of origin:

“We Protest the Robot Occupation”

There will eventually be more.  I’ve got about ten at the moment.

2 thoughts on “Scooped! The Musical

  1. I just listened to the robot one. That was awesome, and I kind of want it to be my ringtone now.

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