July 9 – 21, 2012

16 thoughts on “July 9 – 21, 2012

  1. Yeahy evil marie, poor real marie. Nice song on the robot ocupation intresting is all I can say about it

  2. Not sure I would call her Evil Marie, however established her title might be. Sure, whiteboard is evil and she is attired appropriately (wait, what?). To me, she is Gloomy Vampire Marie (albeit not of the glittery sucky kind).

    Regarding the donations $6.66 thing, I sure hope that on the time-frame count, it is nothing like Martin’s epic as I would really like to see its conclusion before I die.

  3. Conbadgerations Kari on completing your 30k-words goal (and with plenty of time to spare)!

  4. I believe that the answer to the trivia contest is Friday, June 22nd, 2007. That’s the realtime date, I’m not sure what the date in the comic continuity is. I might try to figure it out, but I should grab breakfast.

  5. Ah, not too surprising. Now I need to figure out if I just missed by a little, or if I completely misread the question. Trying to think before breakfast is “fun”.

    “Fun” in this case means “futile”.

  6. I found Bleachy in the comic of Monday, May 28, 2007 – I suppose that’s her earliest appearance. Do I happen to be right?

  7. I only now noticed the Clarion thing! I have the comicgenesis link in my bookmarks and I don’t think it’s mentioned on that website… Perhaps other people are missing it for the same reason?

  8. Hi, Roeslein. It’s possible. I’ve switched computers since last year, and I’m going to need to set up my FTP for ComicGenesis, which is always a headache (there’s a more convenient way of uploading comics but not whole pages); I’ve been avoiding doing that. I’ll try to force myself to do it today.

  9. As I suspected would happen, I am completely failing at FTPing in. WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN? I know what my damn password is; why are you not accepting my password? Does everything have to be this freaking difficult? For crying out bloody loud.

  10. My FTP now UTTERLY REFUSES to let me connect to ComicGenesis at all. I only managed to change the site by firing up my dysfunctional desktop and doing it from there. The password works FINE on my desktop. I hate computers.

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