Let Us Pause for a Bit

I’m in BC visiting my parents at the moment.  Consequently, alas, I haven’t had time to write a Rant.  Let us simply take a bit of a break until next week.  The clock says “11:20 p.m.” at the moment, but my brain says “2:20 a.m.,” and it isn’t at all happy. Advertisements

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My Nemesis, the Guitar

I should really be marking, of course.  Instead, I’ll offer a few thoughts on my struggle with the one musical instrument everyone and his dog can play:  the guitar. Technically, I can play the guitar too.  I took lessons when I was eighteen or nineteen, and I learned enough to strum my way through most […]

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My Mind is Completely Blank

For some reason, I cannot think of any subject worthy of a Rant tonight.  I think I may have used up all my Rants this afternoon, when some of us gathered at Massey College to watch Donna Vakalis compete in the Modern Pentathlon.  I ranted to Davin about the frustrations attendant on the desire to […]

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August 6 – 18, 2012

The write-a-thon is over, which means I can get back to my marking!  Ah ha ha ha ha ha. Be sure to check under the comic for all the prizes. We’re taking a bit of a break from the Olympics at the moment, but rest assured that there will be some kind of comic-y comment […]

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