August 6 – 18, 2012

The write-a-thon is over, which means I can get back to my marking!  Ah ha ha ha ha ha.

Be sure to check under the comic for all the prizes.

We’re taking a bit of a break from the Olympics at the moment, but rest assured that there will be some kind of comic-y comment on whatever happens to Donna (or Dana) on August 12th.

17 thoughts on “August 6 – 18, 2012

  1. Blackwolf3: Can you be specific as to what the problem is? The link works for me. Is it that you can’t see the player underneath my info? The page has WAY too much stuff on it and takes a while to load. Try waiting a bit after you click on the link.

  2. I was surprised to see your entry a couple of days ago (instantly recognised your profile pic while scrolling), it was a lot more interesting than I had suspected.

  3. I probably wasn’t on the page long enough for the audio to load. Btw does our grammer on this blog ever bug you?

  4. Blackwolf3: I have developed a Grammar Filter that I only remove when I’m marking or editing. I try to ignore problematic grammar otherwise, though certain errors do still make me cringe.

  5. Ok, so I just logged on using my Facebook account. Why can’t I just comment without logging on to anything? I was pretty sure I used to be able to do that.

  6. That’s odd, as I don’t need to log into anything. WordPress requires me to put in my email address and a username (and, optionally, a website), but no account of any form seems to be required.

  7. I agree with Ashery. You CAN log in with Facebook, Twitter, or WordPress, but you can also just stick in a name and an e-mail address. Mimi: what are you seeing beneath the “reply” field (before you log into anything)?

  8. It says “Leave a reply”. But since I am currently logging in using my Facebook account, looks like I won’t be asked to log into WordPress. I never remember my password to WordPress. I am going to hit Post Comment. It will probably post through my Facebook account.

    I don’t like to use my Facebook account due to privacy issues. Facebook already has more info about me than I am comfortable with. Oh well.

    Today’s strip is great! That is what I wanted to post. I have 3 weeks off with no school so I can keep up with the strip again.

  9. Yes, but once you click on the “Leave a Reply” field, you should get a line underneath it reading, “You are commenting using your Facebook account. (Log Out / Change).” Try clicking on “Change.” Then you’ll get an option just to enter a name and e-mail address.

    I’m glad you have enjoyed today’s strip, which features Mr. Infuriating. His superpower is causing rage in others.

  10. Didn’t you get the Olympics on TV? Less freezing of images. And perhaps some “national” cameras that find “your” athletes.
    (Obviously, the German TV guys had some cameras of their own around, to show 2008 olympic champion Lena Schoeneborn who was far behind the leading girls (but well in front of Dana).)

  11. The three Canadian channels felt it was more important to spend the day covering the men’s events than it was to waste any time on women’s modern pentathlon. CTV didn’t even have its own Internet feed of the event; we were stuck watching the World Feed. Obviously, there was no attempt to focus on the Canadian athletes, who were not frontrunners (in their final rankings, they were 11th and 29th out of 36).

  12. In today’s comic, second panel, why does Marie say “Yes”? It seems like it would make more sense from Casey.

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