My Mind is Completely Blank

For some reason, I cannot think of any subject worthy of a Rant tonight.  I think I may have used up all my Rants this afternoon, when some of us gathered at Massey College to watch Donna Vakalis compete in the Modern Pentathlon.  I ranted to Davin about the frustrations attendant on the desire to write a young-adult fantasy that was not, in fact, a romance.  I ranted to Barry about this same subject, plus also marking, Twilight, and the fact that I couldn’t stop ranting.  I ranted to Heather about Twilight as well, then to Heather and Alexandra about fairy tales.  All in all, a lot of ranting happened today.  I skipped the closing ceremonies of the Olympics and went home because the ranting had made me tired.  Therefore, I’ll need to end today’s Rant here.  I suppose it was really only a matter of time before I wrote a Rant about my own ranting.

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