September 3 – 15, 2012

Time flies when you’re making WoB.  Here we are at the beginning of Marie’s seventh year at U of T (her fifth as a Ph.D. student).  Yes, I know I need to update the character sheet, and I keep reminding myself to deal with that.  Maybe I eventually will.  Who knows?  At any rate, have another “Through the Gates” sequence.  Baldwin’s an alum now.  I somehow doubt he’ll accept his new status gracefully.


18 thoughts on “September 3 – 15, 2012

  1. I’m just wondering, It’s one of my favorite modern classics, and is banned my many states in the US execally the southern states thats all. I agree the film is well done

  2. We tend to have a slightly different reading list here in Canada. To Kill a Mockingbird isn’t read in schools as often any more, though it is still covered, especially in university American-lit courses.

  3. Huh never been to Canda, all I know is it’s barren in some spots, popular with movie producers, and banned to any Wisconsinites who have a DUIs. Its a good read though

  4. Like every country, it’s culture is different from the eyes of the person from a country or state, some people forget and other are ignorant

  5. Ouch, very true though. The line casey said was to be meant if they were going to be mean all the time, they are going to die alone with out friends and possibly family. That was my intake on it

  6. There’s a song I learned at camp about a peanut. It has lots of repeats, but the abbreviated version is found peanut, cracked it open, it was rotten, ate it anyway, then it killed me, went to heaven, didn’t want me, went the other way, didn’t want me, back to earth, found a peanut. So what I’m wondering is, is this comic a reference to this song?

  7. I remembered more verses though: ate it any way, got a tummy ache, called the doctor, died anyway
    The rest was the same though 🙂

  8. Just FYI, something seems to be up with the link to the comments section. It directs me to the previous comic, which does not have a button linking me to the comments. Most curious.

    It is, however, obvious what Casey is doing. First, he is trying to clean up- get rid of the dust bunnies, nothing serious. However, one of the dust bunnies turns out to be a powerful demonic spirit bent upon destroying Christmas. These things happen. Naturally, he takes the soccer ball away from the spirit (the soccer ball has great sentimental value to him, though exactly why eludes me). Anyway, he comes back with a scythe to do epic battle with the demonic dust-bunny. However, since it’s made of dust, the scythe turns out not to be terribly effective.


    Casey then leaves the scene again, bringing along the clown, because no clown, even a toy clown, should be left alone too long with a demonic spirit. It’s a bad idea. He returns with the banjo, to attempt to calm the demonic spirit through song. Strangely enough, this is actually effective, and they share a plate of cookies that the demonic spirit conjures up. He offers some to Marie when she (rather rudely) demands to know what is going on, in spite of the fact that learning what is going on would be damaging to her sanity.

    Oh, well. Such is the life of Casey.

  9. Erwaro: thanks for pointing out the problem with the Comments buttons. I have no idea how that happened. I’ve fixed it now.

    I like your theory and think that it’s fairly likely to be accurate. After all, what other explanation is there? I especially like how you’ve managed to tie the battle with the demon to the presence of the flaming cookies in the final panel. It all sounds perfectly logical to me.

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