November 26 – December 8, 2012

Sorry, guys:  I accidentally forgot to create a new comments thread yesterday.  If you want to see the comments people have so far left on the Monday comic, go to the previous thread.  Is this confusing?  Yes, it is.  Why am I doing it?  There is probably something wrong with me.  I have been marking […]

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SFContario Schedule

I’m going to be at SFContario this Saturday and Sunday (I have a conflict on Friday).  I’ll probably be carrying around a tiny computer so that I can mark in spare moments or, more pertinently, so that I can convince myself that I’m going to mark in spare moments.  However, I’m also in panels and […]

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Being Busy is Terrible

I skipped the last two weeks’ worth of Rants, and I can see myself skipping next week’s too, so I’d better get this week’s in here somewhere.  The truth of the matter is that I’ve bitten off a wee bit more than I can chew. The Official Sessional Instructor Mantra is:  take the work when […]

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