Being Busy is Terrible

I skipped the last two weeks’ worth of Rants, and I can see myself skipping next week’s too, so I’d better get this week’s in here somewhere.  The truth of the matter is that I’ve bitten off a wee bit more than I can chew.

The Official Sessional Instructor Mantra is:  take the work when it’s available, since you can’t know when it won’t be.  This is true, and it’s all very well, but it doesn’t take into account the fact that the work takes actual time.  I have five classes this term.  Three of them are for the same course; the other two are for two different courses.  Of the three courses I’m teaching, two are ones I’ve never taught before.  That means that I have to put together two three-hours lectures from scratch every week.  In addition, I have to mark for five classes, three of which are on essay writing and thus involve more assignments than usual.  It’s got to the point where I’m marking the essay-writing class’s third assignment second because I don’t have time to do the second assignment and the third assignment, the latter of which is an essay proposal that is going to need to be handed back to the students this week.

The only reason I’ve been able to keep up with my comic is that I do need to take breaks occasionally, and on those breaks, I draw.  I haven’t mailed out the prizes I owe people from this summer.  I haven’t done some increasingly urgent late marking of summer assignments.  I haven’t cleaned my apartment in forever.  I’ve somehow managed to record an album, but I’m still not sure when that happened.  I have a concert at a convention on Saturday, as well as a small performance with my band on Friday, and all I can think about is how much trouble I’m going to be in if I spend all weekend not marking.

I have heard that “full-time work” is supposed to involve, you know, free evenings and stuff.  I laugh in the face of that assumption.  I’m sitting here surrounded by essay proposals and wondering just when I’m going to find half an hour to mail my nephew’s birthday present.  I also have to reapply for my job at some point very soon.  I don’t understand how people do NaNoWriMo in November.  November is appalling.  It needs to be cancelled.

At any rate, I’ll Rant when I can, but the only reason I’m able to Rant tonight is that I’m on a break from marking twenty-five essay proposals in a single day.  I have ten to go.  I also practised with my band for two hours today.  When the guitarist asked why we couldn’t meet twice more this week, I nearly punched him in the eye.

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