SFContario Schedule

I’m going to be at SFContario this Saturday and Sunday (I have a conflict on Friday).  I’ll probably be carrying around a tiny computer so that I can mark in spare moments or, more pertinently, so that I can convince myself that I’m going to mark in spare moments.  However, I’m also in panels and concerts and stuff.  Here’s my schedule for anyone who’s interested:

The Music of Fandom
The most commonly known music of fandom (for many of us older fans, that is) is filk music. But there are many more choices today – found filk, Wizard Rock, Geek Music – and probably many more that are unknown to this individual. Come and listen (and contribute) to a discussion of some of the many fine examples – by some of the composers and musicians themselves.
Kari Maaren, Debs & Errol, Phil Mills, Jane Garthson (M)
Saturday 2:00 PM Ballroom BC
Science Fiction in Pop Music
Pop singers, like Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Nicki Manji, and even Taylor Swift, have all incorporated science fictional imagery and themes into their songs and music videos. SF is no longer a quietly ignored sub-genre of entertainment. How do these huge pop music culture uses impact the science fiction being produced today? Is it easier to identify as an SF fan today … or is it just annoying to see our subculture being capitalized on?
(Kathryn Allan(M), Christopher J Garcia, Kari Maaren, John Zaniol)
Saturday 3:00 PM, Gardenview
(This blurb, unlike the other ones, isn’t from the programme; I’ve written it all by myself.)
Have you ever wondered what thousand-year-old vampires think of the Twilight generation?  Or what happens when you try to be too much like Batman?  Or how a robot occupation would play out if it happened in Vancouver?  Or just how the monster living under your bed is going to terrorise you tonight?  I shall be answering all these questions…in song.
Saturday 6:00 PM, Ballroom BC
Uke Jam
As far as I know, this will start the open filk at 9:00 PM in the Courtyard.
The Future of Privacy
Fourteen years ago, on The West Wing, Sam Seaborn opined “The next two decades are going to be (about) privacy.” Technology has made it easier for people to find and share information. Yet in our increasingly online world it has become much more challenging to protect privacy. Is privacy a right to be protected our an outmoded concept? Will the future bring a further erosion of personal privacy? 
(Kari Maaren, Michael Mattheson(M), Matt Moore, Peter Watts)
Sunday 2:00 PM, Courtyard

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