November 12 – 24, 2012

I’m behind on the comics, but I’m slowly catching up.  Marking is making my head hurt constantly.  What…fun.


17 thoughts on “November 12 – 24, 2012

  1. I know who Casey reminds me of! The Mentalist! So did Casey’s parent’s also die like Marie’s and that’s why he’s messed up and cynical?

  2. Hmm…I guess he does have some Jane-like qualities (which is a complete coincidence, as I only discovered The Mentalist a few months ago). I wouldn’t, however, characterise Casey as having a Jane-like past, and I’m not sure “cynical” is the right word for him. We shall see…

  3. first thing that came to mind : is the reference to ilse koch and her alleged human skin lampshade voluntary? and if so, what is to be read into it?

  4. Found your comic through Debs and Errol, and wanted to thank you. I’ve had a truly miserable depressing day, and the only emotion I’ve felt strongly that wasn’t a desire to weep was a desire to throttle some answers out of Casey. This was, I think, exactly what I needed today. Thank you.

  5. LoreHera: I’m sorry to hear you’ve had a miserable day (I have too, so I completely understand). I think actually throttling Casey would probably be quite therapeutic. It is doubtful it would produce answers, but there would nonetheless be a certain satisfaction involved.

  6. Blackwolf3: With all due respect and all the love in the world, boo frickin’ hoo. Do you know what your professors are doing this weekend? They’re marking, probably for about twelve hours a day. If they’re lucky, someone will cook them turkey. They may even get to eat some of it. Up here in Canada, of course, we are not having a long weekend at all, so again, I feel a certain lack of sympathy. It may be accelerated by the fact that this week, I marked seventy-seven papers and received three rejections from publishers. Go do your homework. It’s good for you.

    That said, I hope you’re having a good Thanksgiving weekend, despite the schoolwork. And incidentally, the paragraph above is me trying to be funny, not me seriously tearing into you.

  7. So I dragged my best friend into this comic. I think she got tired of hearing me rail about Casey without context. So of course I had to reread all of it again. Which meant neither of us were noveling. But we will figure out if Casey is the devil! I….think…

  8. You will never know LoreHera, SunshineRain has been trying to do that since I think they have started reading. Thanks Kari, I was just wondering, I don’t having any homework but the Boyfriend did Hahaha. Thanks,

  9. Lore Hera: the Casey mystery is like the Borg: resistance is futile.

    Fun fact: the first time I ever contacted Errol (on Twitter, I believe), I used the word “Huzzah!” This was before I realised that he used the word constantly. In fact, I had no idea he used it at all. It was just a happy coincidence, I guess.

  10. *laugh* Wait, are these comments not related to a particular comic? So confused. 😀

    Oh, and huzzah! I’m IN A WoB comic! And yes, I saw Up! How did you know? 😀

  11. Errol: the comments relate to any comic posted in a given two-week period. Now that I think of it, I actually need to make a new comments page for this week. Sorry about that, guys. (Also, people tend to leave random comments about life in general, mostly just because they can.)

    You have kids; ergo, you have seen Up. Also, I somehow can’t imagine you not having seen it.

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