November 26 – December 8, 2012

Sorry, guys:  I accidentally forgot to create a new comments thread yesterday.  If you want to see the comments people have so far left on the Monday comic, go to the previous thread.  Is this confusing?  Yes, it is.  Why am I doing it?  There is probably something wrong with me.  I have been marking for months and can’t tell.

33 thoughts on “November 26 – December 8, 2012

  1. Just a small thing but your link to “Tuesday’s Debs & Errol”, seem to link back to your Monday comic.

  2. Wait until Kari gets papers to mark again then you will see some intresting comments. Not that the english gods ever give you any papers to mark again (hopefully)

  3. Will casy show up and bring Errol into silence again by his mystical ways of confusing people into silence? Or will they both start talking at the same time?

  4. Don’t assume Errol pays attention to things not related to fun times. 😀

    Oh, and I’m glad you put Errol in the comic, now I know the relative heights of people. That’s all good.

    And I’ve read all the comics! Bwahahaha. All the WoB ‘sequential’ comics!

  5. WoB contains (so far) 168 completed 2-week sequences. That’s 1176 comics. There is a few more from this sequence.
    [No, I did not count. I used ‘wc’.]

  6. Hey, look, consecutively numbered files! Now that we know that, we can ‘celebrate’ your ‘anniversaries’.

  7. I was… talking about Comic Errol!

    And give Errol a break, he breaks a lot of things, and hangs out with monks, and yaks, and other beasts of burden…

  8. Pretty much from the start of WoB. Kari and I are on a common forum.

    Actually, my memory isn’t entirely clear on this, but I’m quite sure that I met Kari in real life on the same day I met you in real life!

  9. Just finished reading the entire archives – these are absolutely brilliant – it’s almost like reading a book. A whole novel. I’m dying to know how the story turns out…. only one every couple of days!! I’ll need to learn patience!!! xD

  10. Errol: yes, Stefan was one of my earliest readers. I think he may have been one of the people who started the comic when I had only about five or six strips up, though I could be wrong about that. It’s quite funny that you may have met me and Errol on the same day (years before I ever knew Errol existed).

    Tarina: I’m glad you’re enjoying the comic. I do tend towards plot arcs, even though WoB looks as if it SHOULD be a gag-a-day strip. I like building up a story and seeing where it goes. And yes, it can be difficult going from an archive binge to a thirty-seconds-every-couple-of-days reading schedule.


    And GOOD GRIEF! Talk about a crazy connection, Stefan and Kari!

    What forum were you guys on?

    Allo Tarina!

  12. Errol: She may creep into your house at 3:00 a.m. and steal it. However, it’s much more likely that she will find the design online, then teach herself to crochet just so that she can have a bouncy Dalek. Marie is a really, really dedicated Doctor Who fan.

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