December 31, 2012 – January 6, 2013

Here begins the second week of the Fourth Great WoB Extravaganza.  What will happen next?  Will Marie be assaulted by any more bad Underworld-related puns?  Stay tuned to find out. (Incidentally, I tried to write a Rant tonight.  I tried three times.  Each attempt was suffused with self-pity.  Perhaps I’ll be in a better space […]

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December 24 – 30, 2012

Merry Christmas, everyone.  Thus begins the Fourth Great WoB Extravaganza.  Why is Marie wandering the streets of Toronto in the wee hours of Christmas morning, following random clues that seem to make little or no sense?  Only time will tell, unless it doesn’t.

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December 10 – 22, 2012

We shall now leave the Debs & Errol crossover, which was a bit of silly fun, and return to the weirdness of the “A” plot.  What wacky Christmas adventure has poor Marie got herself into this time?  What caustic things is Evil Marie going to say about it?  Will Marie get home in time for the Doctor […]

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Twenty Days of Horror

I do actually like teaching.  I don’t actually like marking.  I know I’m not exactly alone in this, but sometimes, the obvious just needs to be restated.  Marking is the devil.  Because of marking, I haven’t written a Rant in a month.  I’ve finally got a small amount of time for Ranting, and what am […]

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