Twenty Days of Horror

I do actually like teaching.  I don’t actually like marking.  I know I’m not exactly alone in this, but sometimes, the obvious just needs to be restated.  Marking is the devil.  Because of marking, I haven’t written a Rant in a month.  I’ve finally got a small amount of time for Ranting, and what am I Ranting about?  Why, marking, of course.

Starting on December 1st, I had about 300 assignments–180 essays and 120 exams, not to mention 160 discussion responses–to get through by December 20th.  I’m now finished 25 of the essays.  At this rate, I’ll be almost done by next March.  I also have to write, memorise, rehearse, and perform two songs, rehearse and perform two other songs, do something about this whole album thing, draw eleven comics and a Christmas header, and not go mad.  And that isn’t even considering the Christmas shopping.

Next term, I’m teaching four classes instead of five, but they’ll have more students in them.  The course I’ll be teaching (four times over) is one of the university’s most popular, mostly because it can be used as an elective by students in a wide variety of disciplines.  Also, it’s got comics in it.  My classes will start out full, though I’ll doubtless terrify many students into dropping out a few weeks into the term.  To begin with, however, I’ll likely be teaching between 220 and 240 people, in contrast to the 145 or so I have at the moment.  Crying is going to be happening quite, quite soon.  The fun bit?  The university considers my job “part time.”

At any rate, the next eighteen days are sure to be filled with joy.  If I run into many more apostrophe faults, I may try to swallow my own tongue, but that’s par for the course.

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