January 21 – February 2, 2013

Weekends make me so very tired, and yet I don’t really do all that much on them (before the marking begin, that is).  It is one of life’s little mysteries.

Oh…and Casey’s being weird again.  That’s probably a given.

7 thoughts on “January 21 – February 2, 2013

  1. I would have thought that Casey was ‘still’ being weird- being weird again implies that there are times when Casey isn’t being weird…

  2. I’m a bit behind. I almost finished last night, but I was falling asleep over the editing, and there was no way I was going to be able to get it done. I don’t have much left to get through, so it’ll be up soon. This happens every once in a while. I thought I would have enough time to finish yesterday, but there was an Unexpected Social Event.

  3. Thanks, MP. I guess I was subconsciously longing for Groundhog Day.

    The colour comic will be up later. As usual, it has taken an absurd amount of time to put together; I still have several hours’ worth of work to do.

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