And That’s How It All Began

So as some of you know, I’m trying desperately and in vain to get a publisher, any publisher, to take a look at my novel.  This is a soul-destroying process through which many people have gone, so I won’t whine about it here.  I do, however, want to say a little something about the expectations […]

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Webcomic Blind Date

I would never go on a real blind date, but I’m fine with blind dates involving webcomics (and/or literary agents, apparently).  If you would like to comment on my comic-related “blind date” with Rod Salm, do so here.  I’ve pasted the relevant comic and the related song below, mostly because I can.  (I can’t, however, […]

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The Hierarchy of Snow

When it comes to winter, Canadians get a little bit strange.  We take pride in our winteriness.  We collect scarves, tuques, and pairs of mittens.  We brag about cycling in the snow.  Two-inch snowfalls prompt middle-aged women to haul out their cross-country skis and use them to commute to work.  The more snow there is, […]

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Kissing Scene Competition Entry

Here is my entry for the Cupid’s Literary Connection Kissing Scene Competition.  I’m in Round 4 of the Blind Speed Dating Contest (in which writers compete to have their work reviewed by agents; only BSDC contestants can enter the Kissing Scene Competition as well).  My BSDC entry, #122, can be found here.  Oh yes…and I’m […]

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Prelude to a Kiss

So for some reason, I’ve entered a small, lighthearted Internet writing contest that involves posting a kissing scene from some story or other.  I’m obliged to post this scene on this blog; the entry after this one will thus be devoted to me doing so.  However, the current entry constitutes this week’s Rant.  I would […]

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