February 4 – 16, 2013

Once more into the Murder Game breach, my friends, once more.  I find it quite sad to be writing this final year of the comic and realising as I go that this is my last Hallowe’en / Christmas / Winter Ball / Murder Game / etc.  And now I’m all upset again.  I shall go off somewhere and write a Rant about kissing.

18 thoughts on “February 4 – 16, 2013

  1. And in the middle of stress-drunk college murder game, where your paraonia dreams run free 🙂

  2. Could it be some Camlot legend’s here? Casey needs a lady of the lake to give him his cane/sword? aka Marie?

  3. The murder game always seems like it would be such fun. This comic makes me want to live in a college. I’m not sure that’s logical of me…

  4. And suddenly Casey is all serious mode- and he seems to have a bit of a Doctorish shift to his personality…

  5. Earthgirl: that will come up in the next comic. From what we know so far, she hates him because he’s disruptive. She first took against him when he was in his loony stage and tended to have a panic attack every time he turned up at the college. It seems to be kind of an irrational hatred that she has since channelled into a resentment of all alumni, but it’s rooted in Casey’s apparent craziness.

  6. And why is the guaranteed crazy person doing the (presumably amateur) psychoanalysis on the person who might have a tiny shred of sanity?

  7. Because reversals are fun! Also, it’s not guaranteed that Casey’s psychoanalysis IS amateur. He claims to have twelve Ph.D.s, after all.

  8. Good point on the 12 Ph.D.s- it just seemed a little “blind leading the blind” or possibly “blind leading the colour-blind” to me.

  9. Oh, no doubt. No one has ever claimed that all Casey’s decisions are good ones. Quite the opposite, in fact.

  10. As someone who “has something wrong with me” but has spent most of my life trying, is it too much to request that some one (I vote for Marie) slaps her?

  11. Lore: Oh, don’t worry: I think Anthea’s being horrible. I also think she gets her attitude from her deep resentment of her father, whom she blames for his own mental illness. Her attitude is, unfortunately, not an uncommon one. What she doesn’t seem to realise is that her own anger issues are just as much a problem as Casey’s general lack of stability.

  12. Oooh!, Richard III! Perhaps I should mention that I’ve had a crush on Richard III ever since I read the Daughter of Time years ago. (Sharon Kay Penman’s Sunne in Splendour didn’t help, either.)

  13. Roeslein: how do you feel about Parking-Lot Richard?

    Mercenary Pen: True. Of course, in the first panel, he’s pointing at the title, which is, in fact, a shiny object…

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