Webcomic Blind Date

I would never go on a real blind date, but I’m fine with blind dates involving webcomics (and/or literary agents, apparently).  If you would like to comment on my comic-related “blind date” with Rod Salm, do so here.  I’ve pasted the relevant comic and the related song below, mostly because I can.  (I can’t, however, seem to stop the video from appearing directly beneath the comic, no matter how many spaces I leave there.  Sorry about that.)

And she didn't even touch on the fairy tales with necrophilia in them...


And here are the lyrics for those of you who need them:

Fairy-Tale Love

I met you beside the fountain
In the woods.  You were a frog.  And then
You taught me how to fill
My sieve with water.  I was grateful.  When
You trailed me home that night,
I was less grateful, but was still okay
Till you forced me to behead you.
The frog corpse in my bed
Was probably a symbol of
Our perfect and romantic
Fairy-tale love.

I had these enchanted horses
That I got pretending to be dumb;
I rode them up a mountain,
And you threw three apples at me.  Some
Might say we didn’t know
Each other very well, but you had breasts,
And I had golden armour:
The prosecution rests.
When I unmasked and showed
My homely face, that roomful of
Great kings and nobles shouted,
“Fairy-tale love!”

You were a hedgehog.
You terrified
Your first wife;
You maimed her.  She died.
You threatened me.
I married you too.
Everyone knows
That’s what you’re supposed to do.
Doesn’t matter what I see.
I’ve heard this is destiny.

I tricked a whole bunch of giants
Into dying at each other’s hands.
The king then gave you to me,
Plus a quite enormous stretch of lands.
You tried to have me killed
Because I wasn’t good enough for you,
But I was really clever,
And I tricked you too.
You still resent me, as
You feel you are too far above
My station.  All will envy
Our fairy-tale love.

I kidnapped you from a tower.
You’re escaping from my mountain lair.
I’m dressed in rotting leather.
You spend all day as a talking bear.
I’m longing for your shoes.
I ran away because I thought you lied.
I got you pregnant
After you died.
It’s satisfying that
We’re called a great example of
A destined and idyllic
Fairy-tale love.


6 thoughts on “Webcomic Blind Date

  1. On man, well the comic is pretty much right-on! I am in the middle of the Fairy Tales and Fantasy course and – right – having all that pointe out to me right now! How could I have failed to consider the content of the tales I loved as a kid and the messages embedded. A whole new learning curve.

    I’m sorry Kari that I don’t play your tunes but without a transcript of the lyrics it seems sort of pointless. I know that what you have to say is important, the point of the tune and i just can’t hear. As you know.

    Mimi 🙂

  2. Hi, Mimi. No worries. If you go to the YouTube page, you’ll find the lyrics posted under the video. (I’ve also now posted the lyrics here, so this note is a bit pointless.)

    I’m glad you’re having fun with Fairy Tales and Fantasies. I love that course.

  3. Oh! I never thought to look for posted lyrics since that never seems to be an option! I will definitely do that! And you may recall youtube “captions”. (Ironically their captioning is pretty much how I hear things!) Thanks!

  4. Mimi: Really? I thought it was possible to “like” YouTube videos without an account. Or do you mean you tried to “like” this post? In THAT case, I believe you do need a password. The Internet is silly sometimes.

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