February 18 – March 2, 2013

Let’s have a bit of Casey-induced weirdness, shall we?


20 thoughts on “February 18 – March 2, 2013

  1. I can definitely see Baldwin and Steve, plus possibily Sara, as belonging to the Baker Street Irregulars.

  2. This is of course the point at which you introduce a character by the name of Irene, if only to make our heads explode…

  3. Mercenary Pen: If I did, she wouldn’t be a dead girlfriend, the agent of a criminal mastermind, or a vixen defined only by her sex appeal. DO YOU HEAR ME, CURRENT HOLMES ADAPTERS?

  4. Which Irene Adler was the “she wouldn’t be a dead girlfriend” one? I am assuming that “the agent of a criminal mastermind” is Rachel McAdams (from the movie), and “a vixen defined only by her sex appeal” is Lara Pulver (Sherlocked), unless you meant they all have those similar attribute and is not confine to a single portrayal.

  5. SunshineRain: well, this answer contains some spoilers, so anyone who doesn’t want to know which Irene Adler is the dead girlfriend should stop reading now.

    That would be the Irene Adler of Elementary, who has apparently been dead for some time (though there’s always the possibility that she is alive and/or evil; if so, I expect she will do the “agent of a criminal mastermind” thing, as she was ostensibly killed by Moriarty). So far, her role (such as it is, considering that she has never appeared) has been entirely that of the dead lost love. This version of Sherlock even goes on a roaring rampage of revenge when he thinks he’s caught her killer.

    The “agent of a criminal mastermind” label actually fits both Rachel McAdams and Lara Pulver, though Lara Pulver also gets the “sexy vixen” label. As well, Irene’s name comes up very briefly in House; Watson tries to convince the team that she’s a dead lost love, but as far as we ever know, she doesn’t actually exist.

  6. Rebecca Adler was also the name of the patient in the very first episode of “House”, she was played by Robin Tunney who was in “Prison Break” and is currently in “The Mentalist” (no significance, just random facts that I recall). I did not realise you were following “Elementary”, maybe I should give it a go as well (having a Lucy Liu Watson and all).

  7. Yeah, I knew about Rebecca Adler too. House has all sorts of fun little references like that.

    Elementary is okay. It’s really just a conventional procedural with characters who happen to be named “Holmes” and “Watson.” There are plenty of references to the original material, but it’s all much less clever than Sherlock.

  8. Nobilis: Barbara identified Casey as Moriarty a long time ago (in her first appearance as Holmes, actually). Maybe she’s changed her mind on that by now, though. It’s hard to tell with Barbara.

  9. Kari: I didn’t remember that. But, anyway, if Casey is both Moriarty AND Irene Adler, the deduction that he is the devil is logical.

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