Let It Snow?

The weather is going all weird again.  Okay, it’s true that where my parents live, there’s still two feet of snow on the ground and a daily average temperature of -15 degrees Celsius.  Here in Toronto, however, it’s often a bit more spring-like by, well, the first day of spring.  This year, it snowed like mad on March 20th.  It’s supposed to snow again today.  I think the groundhog may have lied to us.

I don’t actually mind long winters, mostly because I have Allergies from Hell and don’t react well to spring.  When I lived in Vancouver, the allergies started up in mid-Febrauary and lasted until late November.  Here, they don’t begin until late March, and they end in early November.  I suppose that’s an improvement.  However, there’s also no ragweed in Vancouver.  There’s definitely ragweed in Toronto.  We hates it, precious.  We hates it forever.

For the first time in years, I’ll have a classroom course this summer, which means I’ll experience the joy of teaching in allergy/smog/humidity season.  I’m curious as to whether my office will remain as freezing cold in the summer as it is now.  It’s basically the only office in the entire English department that isn’t ten degrees hotter than it should be.  Instead, it’s at least five degrees colder.  No one can explain this.  I sometimes think that architects deliberately construct university buildings to be as maddening as possible.  Don’t even get me started on the six classrooms I’m using this term and their seemingly random approaches to how the light switches work.*

At any rate, this Rant is meandering all over the place, but it’s mostly about the weather.  It was going to be about stage fright, but that attempt got extremely pompous.  I am once again reduced to discussing snow…in Canada…in March.  And, you know, ragweed and stuff.

Soon, it will be April.  I guess we’ll see if the snow will stick around until then.

*You would think they would work by turning the lights on and off.  You would be wrong.

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