Comic: Saturday, April 27, 2013

Since West of Bathurst is still down, here’s the Saturday comic: Interesting news:  I can now reveal that I have been nominated for two Aurora Awards (Canada’s sci-fi/fantasy awards), one for music and one, in fact, for West of Bathurst.  The full nomination list is here.  Voting, which is open to anyone who purchases a […]

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Site Down

Hi, all.  For some reason that is quite unclear to me at the moment, the West of Bathurst site has vanished (in fact, the entire Massey Alumni site is completely gone), and my FTP password has been rendered invalid.  I have been informed that the site has been “hacked,” but seeing as the remainder of […]

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Marking Time is Here Again

Updates may be spotty for a while, as the worst of marking season has begun.  In the course of the next two and a half weeks, I must mark over four hundred assignments.  All I really have to say about that is:  aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh.  It basically seems impossible, but we shall see.  Tomorrow, I need to […]

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