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April 29, 2013

The Site Is Dead. Long Live the Site.

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Okay, so here’s what happened:

1)  Apparently, the Massey site was hacked again.  This happens periodically.

2)  So the Massey IT guy, who appears to be different from the last Massey IT guy I met, moved the whole site to a different domain.

3)  The alumni site also got moved, but nobody told me because apparently, nobody realised I was running it.  For some reason.

4)  So the entirety of WoB was moved to a completely different domain, invalidating every link to it everywhere on the entire Internet.

5)  As there is absolutely nothing I can do to change this, and as the URLs of all but the index page will be different no matter what I do, I’ve moved the entire site to the westofbathurst.com domain.  That way, the next time Massey forgets I exist, I’ll only have to deal with the headache of the alumni site, not the thousands of files that make up West of Bathurst.

6)  The new site is up at www.westofbathurst.com.  The top index will not work because the comic is no longer part of the alumni site, but a friend of mine is going to help me fix that later on.  I apologise for all the confusion.  I need to go mark stuff now.


April 29 – May 11, 2013

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Now that the site exists again, I can start a proper comments page.  Stupid websites.

Comic: Monday, April 29, 2013

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The site is still down, so here’s today’s comic:


April 28, 2013

Comic: Saturday, April 27, 2013

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Since West of Bathurst is still down, here’s the Saturday comic:


Interesting news:  I can now reveal that I have been nominated for two Aurora Awards (Canada’s sci-fi/fantasy awards), one for music and one, in fact, for West of Bathurst.  The full nomination list is here.  Voting, which is open to anyone who purchases a $10 membership, runs from May 6th to September 13th.  There’s some good stuff on the ballot, so check it out.  This is West of Bathurst‘s first award nomination ever, so hurrah.  And yes, the comic does fit the category.  It has plenty of fantasy elements (or does it?  Ooooooooh).

April 27, 2013

Site Down

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Hi, all.  For some reason that is quite unclear to me at the moment, the West of Bathurst site has vanished (in fact, the entire Massey Alumni site is completely gone), and my FTP password has been rendered invalid.  I have been informed that the site has been “hacked,” but seeing as the remainder of the Massey site remains intact, I cannot actually figure out what’s going on here.  All I can do for the moment is be patient and hope that the West of Bathurst site is not gone forever.

The weekend comic isn’t done yet, but when it is, I’ll post it here and on westofbathurst.comicgenesis.com.  Ironically, I have a happy WoB-related announcement that I want to make at some point tomorrow, but I suddenly have nowhere to make it.  This is really quite upsetting.  If worse comes to worst, I’ll purchase some webspace and repost the whole comic, but if I do, that will invalidate almost every WoB-related link on the whole Internet.  The fact that this is the second time in the comic’s run this has happened just makes it more frustrating.

I’ll post in the comments here if I hear anything new.  Thank you for your patience.

April 19, 2013

First Looks at Two New Music Projects

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Hello, all.  This is a sort of pre-pre-announcement in both these cases, since the actual products aren’t yet available.  However, I think the covers are neat, and I want you to see them.  This weekend, I am bringing out a collaborative CD with Leslie Hudson and Devin Melanson; it is entitled Pirate Elves in Space.  There is a limited print run (100 copies), and it’s also about to go up on the site Bandcamp, though it hasn’t yet quite done so (I’ll edit this post if it does so later on).  We’ll have the CD with us at FKO (a convention) this weekend, but we’ll be making leftover copies available for sale afterwards.  Bandcamp will also offer the album in digital form.

The album is a sampler containing ten songs.  Three are mine:  “Everybody Hates Elves,” “Being Watson,” and “Damn Those Dwarves.”  The other seven are Leslie and Devin’s; three pertain to Star Wars and four to The Princess Bride.  Here’s the album in all its glory, with a cover by Karl Stahl:


But wait…there’s more!  I have also been engaged in bringing out a solo album.  It’s taken an absurdly long time, but it’s now almost ready.  I have all the components and just have to order the CDs and put the music up on Bandcamp.  Now, if only I didn’t have all this marking to do…

(And yes, I know how good at procrastination I am.  I still haven’t sent out last summer’s swag.  I have not forgotten about it.  After this bout of marking, I shall force myself to make good on all my promises.  I also still haven’t done anything about a WoB book, though again, I haven’t forgotten about it, and I’m actually planning to make a giant compilation after the comic has come to an end.  I’m sorry I’m so bad at completing anything except actual WoB comics in a timely manner.  The only reason I’ve been able to get anything done with the music is that I have lots and lots of people nagging me.)

At any rate, here is Erik Mohr’s cover for the solo album, which is called Beowulf Pulled My Arm Off:


And on that rather creepy note, I must now create a syllabus, then mark like the wind.  The fun never stops around here.  But as a bonus, here is a video of Devin’s son singing along to “Everybody Hates Elves” (he had absconded with the master copy of the CD and had apparently just listened to it about ten times):

April 15, 2013

Marking Time is Here Again

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Updates may be spotty for a while, as the worst of marking season has begun.  In the course of the next two and a half weeks, I must mark over four hundred assignments.  All I really have to say about that is:  aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh.  It basically seems impossible, but we shall see.  Tomorrow, I need to buckle down and tear through as many essays as possible.  There may be some crying.  Pieces of furniture are likely to be punched.  All I can hope for is not to go mad before I finish.  I’ll see you all on the other side.

April 15 – 27, 2013

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It isn’t easy quite possibly being someone with miraculous but uncontrollable fiery powers.

April 2, 2013

Ad Astra Schedule

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I’ll be at Ad Astra this coming weekend.  Here’s my schedule:

Friday 8 pm Arctic – Ownership Issues for Indie Artists: Kari Maaren (m)

Independent artists are frequently forced to fight for the rights to their works, including proof of ownership.  Short of signing on with the kind of corporate body that hinders as much as it helps, what can an independent artist do prevent this from happening? Not much.  Unless consumers get involved, and take responsibility for their consumption, indies will be left high and dry.

Saturday 4 pm Arctic – Once Upon a Time Is Now: Modern Fairy Tales: Dena Taylor (m), Kari Maaren

The retelling of fairy tales is becoming a very big thing, on screen and in print. Pull up a chair and settle in for the panel that tackles what makes a retelling special, and whether there’s a wrong way to handle the modernization of a fairytale.

Saturday 5 pm Beaufort East – Mini Concerts: Kari Maaren (m), Peggi Warner-Lalonde, Judith Hayman

Feast your eyes and ears on a fabulous fortune of filk talent.

Saturday 7 pm Beaufort East – Tolkien Renaissance: Dena Taylor (m), Max Turner, Kari Maaren

The first cinematic installment of The Hobbit has been released, ten years after the final installment of The Lord of the Rings. This panel discusses whether the movie lived up to impossibly high expectations set by those who have waited their whole lives to see it, and explores the lasting impact of its story on the young, and young at heart.

Sunday 10 am Arctic – Bullying- TNG: Kari Maaren (m), Timothy Carter, Sgt. Pat Poitevin

As SF and fantasy nerds, we were probably bullied as kids. With the advent of cyber-bullying, how do we begin bully-proofing our own nerdy kids?  Not to mention the more subtle bullying we’ve become subject to as adults.  In this panel, conceive and discuss effective strategies for dealing with the Biff Tannens of this brave, new world.

I seem to be moderating a lot this year.  This has never happened before.  Wish me luck.

April 1, 2013

April 1 – 13, 2013

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Aithníonn cíaróg cíaróg eile.

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