April 1 – 13, 2013

32 thoughts on “April 1 – 13, 2013

  1. I vote for the future, personally. I find that although any vision of the future is almost always very inaccurate, it’s an interesting thing to think about, and says a lot about how we approach things here and now. Plus, you get to make an entirely new setting, so it’s impossible for someone to say “Nuh-uh, that’s not how they did it back then”. I, personally, like knowing that not doing my homework won’t kill things. Having said that, I suspect that you, personally, might be more comfortable with a setting in the past (why I think this, I do not know), in which case I would vote for the Victorian setting.

    I forget why. I also forget why I thought you might not like doing the future one. Perhaps the voices in my head are getting louder. Or more subtle. Or both.

  2. Medieval Spain is way underrepresented, yet the dynamic of religious superstition and worldly struggle for survival hold unsurpassed potential for greatness. Plus they could go discover the Americas!

    On second thought, nobilis brings up a valuable point. On this day, I pick whichever one has dragons!

  3. I don’t know which I’d go for personally- I’m also a little skeptical due to the date of the announcement…

    Quick question, will the C27th setting have readily available space travel?

  4. Mercenary Pen: Only a LITTLE sceptical?

    The C27th setting will certainly have readily available space travel. There will also be talking dogs, though I’m not sure why.

  5. Considering that they made the serious announcement on the D&E site that Debs was moving away today, I wondered whether April Fools wasn’t really a thing in Canada…

  6. Mercenary Pen: Well, Debs is going away FOR A TIME. But yes, that was unexpectedly melancholy. Mine is…well, not. Many of my April Fools’ Day comics have contained similar fourth-wall breaking. The second one (the first real one) was also rather similar to this year’s in that it was accompanied by a solemn declaration of how the comic was about to change direction in a radical manner showcased in the day’s comic. However, the “comic” itself was a deliberately broken link. It drove some of the readers crazy. I kept getting these anguished e-mails going, “Where’s the comic? I want to see what happened to Casey!” (The alt-text was, “Holy…what the…? No! Not Casey!”)

    I’m sorry if I genuinely fooled anyone. I meant the fourth-wall breaking, which is not a usual part of the comic, and some of the absurdity in the blurb beneath the comic to act as indicators that April Foolery was underway.

  7. Hi, Tarina. Yes, it was a joke. I’m sorry if I fooled you; I really did mean it to be fairly obvious. I do an April Fools’ Day comic every year (you can access them all via the “Miscellaneous” page). I do try to make it evident that the strip is not canonical.

  8. I knew this was a joke… and yet that Victorian one would be kind of awesome. Or K.W. Ramsey’s multi-timeline thing. That would be pretty sweet.

  9. Well, I *am* rather fond of time-jumping. I may just have been mulling over a possible time-travel-related comic idea, though not one involving Marie.

  10. Tarina: sorry about that. I’ll have to work on my tongue-in-cheek routine.

  11. Regarding the WoB cast in alternate realities, it’d also be fun to see the sort of RPG campaign they’d come up with for something like D&D (especially if Casey took the DM slot).

    After all, imagine if the Shiny Object was actually the main quest item… (might want fancying up as the Orb of Shinyness or something though)

  12. It was easy to tell the comic was an April’s Fool joke, as forth-wall-breaking this blunt is just not part of WoB.
    I was not sure about your comments underneath; in retrospect, I should have known that you would never consider having to develop a whole new set of characters an odious chore.

    Either way, I vote for medieval Spain, mostly because I don’t know anything about it.

  13. Haha April Fool’s in New Zealand was already over by the time I saw the comment (we’re a day apart) so that probably explains some of why I didn’t catch on. But were you joking about ending the comic soon? Because I’m sure you mentioned it before sometime. I don’t want it to end…

  14. Tarina: no, the comic will be ending this fall. I don’t want it to end either, but I also don’t want it to dwindle into a shadow of its former self. It does have a storyline; there’s only so long I can drag it out. I’ve already been accused, with some justification, of pulling a bit of a Lost. I should have had a polar bear wander through one of the panels on Monday…

    However, once WoB ends, I’ll start something else fun. And I haven’t entirely ruled out doing shorter transitional storylines with some of the WoB characters. We shall see.

  15. Fan: Alas, he has already left me for a spicy tuna roll and some shitake mushrooms. Whatever will I do without a nice man to keep me in line?

  16. Why does the translation of the saying of this comments say something about beetles??

  17. BlackWolf3: It was April Fools’ Day, and I wanted to say something in Irish in tribute to Casey. The literal translation is “A beetle recognises another beetle,” which can be translated as “like knows like,” “it takes one to know one,” or even “birds of a feather flock together.” Now that I think of it, it may actually apply slightly to the current plot.

  18. Well, now things get interesting. Casey had better start being a little more forthcoming otherwise we might have a few more fires, whether Marie intends to set them or not.

  19. Barbra really put her foot in her mouth on this one Kari, Me think her foot is in her stomach.

  20. And even Marie can’t ignore that she’s been setting things on fire now, because Casey would never have set himself on fire. She could always try blaming it on evil Marie though.

  21. I dunno, I think the fire her parents died in could still have been faulty wiring, and Marie’s pyrokenesis developed after that. After all, it wasn’t until Casey was around that things started going FOOM, otherwise she would have known it was her before.

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