When You Wish Upon a Star

You guys are never going to guess what happened to me yesterday.

It’s really been an insane long weekend.  I answered sixty-odd student e-mails and finalised plans for two CDs.  In the end, though, none of that mattered because on Sunday evening, I finally fulfilled my destiny.

I was sitting in my favourite sushi restaurant, waiting for my take-out order, when it happened.  Across the room, our eyes met.  He was tall and dark-haired, with dreamy black eyes and just a hint of stubble.  The connection was instant.  Immediately, I knew I had been wasting my life.  What was I drawing all those comics for?  Why did I want to write novels?  What was with all the amusing songs about Batman?  What good was I doing teaching two hundred students per term to appreciate literature?  All along, I had just been waiting for a nice man to come along and take me away from all this.  It was blindingly obvious.

Of course, no good love story is complete without an initial misunderstanding leading to tears and eventually forgiveness.  We got through all that in the first two minutes.  The waitress brought me a bag of takeout first, and I was almost out the door when I realised it was too heavy to belong to me.  I had been given his sushi!  Shamefaced, I brought it back to him, then succumbed to my fate as a woman in love.  The wedding will be in Paris two weeks from now (because, of course, he’s rich as well as cute).

Farewell, Toronto.  I’m off to live the life of a bored socialite, since that is what success entails.*

*On April 1st, at least.

3 thoughts on “When You Wish Upon a Star

  1. Is this at least slightly in response to that woman who said girls should find a husband in college?

  2. Earthgirl: which woman is that? The attitude does seem depressingly common nowadays, especially in the US. The Rant is really in respond to the attitude as a whole.

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