Ad Astra Schedule

I’ll be at Ad Astra this coming weekend.  Here’s my schedule:

Friday 8 pm Arctic – Ownership Issues for Indie Artists: Kari Maaren (m)

Independent artists are frequently forced to fight for the rights to their works, including proof of ownership.  Short of signing on with the kind of corporate body that hinders as much as it helps, what can an independent artist do prevent this from happening? Not much.  Unless consumers get involved, and take responsibility for their consumption, indies will be left high and dry.

Saturday 4 pm Arctic – Once Upon a Time Is Now: Modern Fairy Tales: Dena Taylor (m), Kari Maaren

The retelling of fairy tales is becoming a very big thing, on screen and in print. Pull up a chair and settle in for the panel that tackles what makes a retelling special, and whether there’s a wrong way to handle the modernization of a fairytale.

Saturday 5 pm Beaufort East – Mini Concerts: Kari Maaren (m), Peggi Warner-Lalonde, Judith Hayman

Feast your eyes and ears on a fabulous fortune of filk talent.

Saturday 7 pm Beaufort East – Tolkien Renaissance: Dena Taylor (m), Max Turner, Kari Maaren

The first cinematic installment of The Hobbit has been released, ten years after the final installment of The Lord of the Rings. This panel discusses whether the movie lived up to impossibly high expectations set by those who have waited their whole lives to see it, and explores the lasting impact of its story on the young, and young at heart.

Sunday 10 am Arctic – Bullying- TNG: Kari Maaren (m), Timothy Carter, Sgt. Pat Poitevin

As SF and fantasy nerds, we were probably bullied as kids. With the advent of cyber-bullying, how do we begin bully-proofing our own nerdy kids?  Not to mention the more subtle bullying we’ve become subject to as adults.  In this panel, conceive and discuss effective strategies for dealing with the Biff Tannens of this brave, new world.

I seem to be moderating a lot this year.  This has never happened before.  Wish me luck.

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