Comic: Saturday, April 27, 2013

Since West of Bathurst is still down, here’s the Saturday comic:


Interesting news:  I can now reveal that I have been nominated for two Aurora Awards (Canada’s sci-fi/fantasy awards), one for music and one, in fact, for West of Bathurst.  The full nomination list is here.  Voting, which is open to anyone who purchases a $10 membership, runs from May 6th to September 13th.  There’s some good stuff on the ballot, so check it out.  This is West of Bathurst‘s first award nomination ever, so hurrah.  And yes, the comic does fit the category.  It has plenty of fantasy elements (or does it?  Ooooooooh).


2 thoughts on “Comic: Saturday, April 27, 2013

  1. I don’t know what it is with webcomic sites going down this last week- because you’re the second of the small number I follow to go down. The first was Giant in the Playground’s order of the stick, which was hit by a DDoS attack on Monday, and now this one…

    I don’t follow that many webcomics, have their been any other major site disruptions in that field recently?

  2. Mercenary Pen: I’m not sure. I vaguely remember seeing mention of a site disruption on Twitter, but I can’t remember which comic was involved. I’m just finding this extraordinarily frustrating because it happened just before the Aurora announcement, and now people searching for WoB are finding the horrible Comic Genesis site, which has no archive page or extras. And of course the site went down on Friday night, so no one is going to bother doing anything until Monday, if then. It still worries me that my FTP password is no longer accepted. Someone has clearly changed the passwords and not deigned to give me a new one. I did ask for a new one; there’s been no reply.

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