The Site Is Dead. Long Live the Site.

Okay, so here’s what happened:

1)  Apparently, the Massey site was hacked again.  This happens periodically.

2)  So the Massey IT guy, who appears to be different from the last Massey IT guy I met, moved the whole site to a different domain.

3)  The alumni site also got moved, but nobody told me because apparently, nobody realised I was running it.  For some reason.

4)  So the entirety of WoB was moved to a completely different domain, invalidating every link to it everywhere on the entire Internet.

5)  As there is absolutely nothing I can do to change this, and as the URLs of all but the index page will be different no matter what I do, I’ve moved the entire site to the domain.  That way, the next time Massey forgets I exist, I’ll only have to deal with the headache of the alumni site, not the thousands of files that make up West of Bathurst.

6)  The new site is up at  The top index will not work because the comic is no longer part of the alumni site, but a friend of mine is going to help me fix that later on.  I apologise for all the confusion.  I need to go mark stuff now.

13 thoughts on “The Site Is Dead. Long Live the Site.

  1. For anyone not finding the comic yet (like me)… it may still take a few days for the domain transfer and whatnot to propagate everywhere, so just keep checking back and hopefully it will be fully operational for everyone in a couple of days at most.

  2. For me the site has arrived at my home, but not at my work… I hope this is not a deliberate attempt of my university to sabotage my procrastination!

  3. Stefan: it’s all very odd. It arrived at my friend House’s place in Newfoundland on Monday night, then vanished again the next day. I think it may be back now. The Internet works in mysterious ways.

  4. The new domain works fine here in Europe.

    You might wish to change the link to WoB on your homepage (the one bandcamp links to).

  5. Nobilis: which link is that? I’m very tired and somewhat confused. It sounds as if you’re talking about the link TO the WoB homepage FROM the WoB homepage. Or do you mean the homepage of this blog? And what does Bandcamp have to do with it? Oh, wait…is it I JUST got FTP access to that. I’ll fix it…thanks.

  6. No worries. I was very tired when I read your comments. I’m still very tired. My brain isn’t processing information properly.

  7. Thanks, nuttycat. Google does seem to have found the site; it’s back at the top of the “West of Bathurst” search page. I’ve done the Bing one, but I’m so tired that I may have to save the other two for morning.

  8. You’ve got some more links pointing to the old site at the Comic Genesis ( page. There are several links – starting with the header text “There is a better-organised WoB site; it’s here. It has an archive and everything.” and several links below it.

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