May 13 – 25, 2013

11 thoughts on “May 13 – 25, 2013

  1. The only question that really remains is how long Casey is willing to keep shouting Shiny Object and hoping that will make the questions go away…

  2. …especially now that he is handcuffed to Barbara, who knows how to make herself very, VERY annoying.

  3. I’ll be more worried about him being handcuffed to Barbara when she brings a priest along…

  4. Are the handcuffs shiny enough to distract Barbara while Casey beams away (Borg beaming special effects, of course)?

  5. Wait, can Barbara see Evil Marie too? Or is she just assuming someone else is there because Casey is clearly having a conversation with someone else?

  6. Plantita: she’s just assuming. I know it’s a bit ambiguous; I’ll make it clearer in the next comic.

  7. No worries. In the last couple weeks, I’ve taught around 800 different students ranging from pre-K through High School and I think it’s fried my brain, rendering me unable to use logic and reason.

  8. Did the left lens of Barbara’s glasses break due to the shock of what Casey whispered?

  9. Hmm guess I am the only one who thought it look like it shattered on the second panel (subsequent panel doesn’t show the lens directly).

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